Hello from me

Hello. Hi. Welcome to my first ever SL-related blog. Gosh I sound so formal.

For those who knows me from in-world or SLU, thank you for visiting me in here too. For those who just getting to know me, I guess the best thing to do is to introduce you who am I.

I’ve joined SL since November 2007. 11th November 2007 (don’t you think it just a nice number to look at 11-11-07 *wink*) to be exact. In past, I never work in SL until I stumbled into the world of Slingo. Most of the time, I just playing few games of Zyngo, camping, chatting and exploring whatever SL has to give.

As my journey with Slingo, I found the place from Search-Events-Games. At first, I came there for few games. I’ve been playing Zyngo before and I found Slingo is similar justthis game is a multi-player game. After a month or two, I found myself hanging a lot in there especially if I’ve maxed out with camping. Few months down the road, the Slingo Manager; at the time was Edel, asked me to apply for the host position since I was quite well versed with the game. That how my SL-working life begin. Slingo hosting has been part of me since April 2008.

I quit the job for personal reason after 4 months. When I say personal, that means I don’t like to discuss it with others. Well it’s nothing to do with my behavior. IM me if you want to know more about my previous job.

I’m not a great writer and I write what ever cross my mind, so please pun my grammar *blush*.

Once again, thank you for reading my blog.


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