Why Modeling

Since I love to dress up in SL, I guess the next best thing for me is to be a model. Since I’m a bit novice on how things done in SL (hey…life is a never-ending learning process even you’re in SL), I need to learn. When I’m say learning, the best thing is to attend some model classes. The reason for me to attend some classes, just to make me well versed with the SL-modeling world.

I’ve sign-up to be a model in one of the store in SL but so far the owner hasn’t IM me any job except adding me in her model group. Hmm….

Most modeling agency wants the avatar has a good set of skins. I need to know what kind of skin is consider good to them. I don’t have a noob skin but my current skin is consider as freebie *blush*. I’m kinda attached to this skin but I’m willing to used others for the job.

As for the hair, I’ve a good collection of hairs. I love hairs from Bewitched and Sirena Hair & Fashion. I’m in love with flexi hair. So far I use either red or black hair. As blonde (I’ve nothing against blonde girl), hmm my persona doesn’t show with blonde but I’m willing to try out for the job (but not permanent).

As clothings, I’m a casual and simple girl but still sexy without being sleezy or trashy. I do my own mix-n-match from what I have in my inventory.

I don’t have problem on posing for photoshoot since I’ve done a few for my own personal pictures which was done by other people. So I take instruction well.

My main problem is doing the runway. This is where I need help. I don’t know what will happen during the runway or what need to be done in terms of type of walk, how to fight the lags or the kind of looks needed.

So my next best idea is to find a good class that I can afford. I’ve searched high and low for modeling class. I found few LMs which I did my own investigation. Well I’m willing to invest some money and I want to make sure my money is used properly.

Well some just said they provide a crash course but when I tp there, there was nothing indicate they have such course there at all; 1 place is inside some battle arena…I want to model not to fight, and the other one just has few pictures of their model with just trees surrounding the area…hmm. Well need to scratch that from the list.

I found 2 places; Academy A & Academy B (I keep this part a secret for time being) which I consider them good. I was in luck because both of them have their own blogs. So I did my own research about them based on:

  • Place. They have their own sim with building for classes and runway.
  • Clients. Both have few well known clients.
  • Events. They have quite interesting runway show. Attending and participate for the events is part of the syllabus.
  • Timetable. It’s the most important things to me. I don’t want classes classh with my RL. I’ve to agreed living out of USA timezone has its own disadvantages. Academy B willing to do 1-on-1 classes if my timezone is different with other students.
  • After graduate. Both will help out on getting the job after graduate.
  • Fees. Academy A fees is just 1000 L lower than B

Well between those two, I finally made my decision (with Jose’s help) to choose Academy B. Well my main reason Academy A classes only start by 8th November while B will start as soon as I sign up as they willing to do 1-on-1 classes.

The sign-up is not easy as you get into the class once you paid the fees. Nah-uh. The Head of Academy interviewed me to make sure I’m really into the fashion industry not just jump into the hype. Well I’m not jump into the hype because I don’t know any SL supermodels. I just like pretty and nice (even it’s a freebies) and do my own styling. To cut things short…yeah I’m in. FYI, after this I’ll post more what I’ve learned about my class (just in general).


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