Why other work might not suit me

As many people know, my first and only working experience I have was working as Slingo Host. Beside the place just closed down few days ago. I was away for RL holiday. Few fellow host, asked me to join a new place but I don’t have heart for another Slingo. *sigh*

For the past 1 month, I’ve attending what ever class available when I logged on. In pass, the classes clashed with my shift. Now I’ve time, I attended few building classes, 1 scripting class (really basic class), 1 sculpty prims class and offline Clothing Design Class (cool I just need to wear the HUD without attending the class). Yup is a bit busy month for me but I can’t go to few more cool classes because of my RL timezone differences. *sigh*

Hmm so far, I’m still not a great builder but at least I got my basic covered (scratching builder from my working list). I know how to create prims and modify it. When it comes to build the real stuff I still need help on that. For example, I can build my own bed but I need a tutorial notes on what is the X, Y & Z size needed.

As for scripting, I got the basic covered on how to run the script, save it or looking for it. In RL, I’m (was) programmer (now I mellow down since I’m more into non-programmer stuff). I don’t have problem on writting but I haven’t familiar with all LSL function. LSL is more like Javascript & C, my work is more on SQL. I did VB, ASP & HTML before. As for C, I’ve left it many years *blush*. I don’t think on doing any programming work (scratching out scripter from the list) unless I do stuff for myself but hey..I did my own particle script for party hat for my party *smile*.

I create the party hat base on tutorial notecar with additional things I add by myself. FYI, I create the hat texture by myself (the one I was wearing). I add my own script. In background, you can see Baby who cool is he with his hat. Ain't he cute? *smile*
I create the party hat base on tutorial notecard with additional things I add by myself. FYI, I create the hat texture by myself (the one I was wearing). I add my own script. In background, you can see Baby who looks cool with his hat and sunglasses. Ain’t he cute?

I love play dress up in SL so I’ve tried designing few clothing on my own. With the help with some  clothing templates and classes…hmm I don’t have problem for the tops and pants. My main major problem is creating the skirt. I tried to use LoopReez…hmm it doesn’t come out as I want to. May be I need to create the skirt by using prims without any LoopReez at all but I need a really good teacher on that (scratching clothes designer out of the list). I still have hard time to build the skirt even by using help from notecard. It’s not on reezing the prims but on attaching it to make a full blown flexi-skirt.

Some people might ask, why not hosting. I mean event hosting. To be frank, I did search some hosting job but most of the places doesn’t have event around my timezone. I did apply too but I don’t get any feedback. Hmm so I guest I better scratch that too..or may be not. Who knows may be when the time is right I  might land on this kind of job.

There are few job position that I won’t apply. First is the DJ. I’m a bit terrified with using mic. You can ask people who really knows me that I’m rarely use voice chat. I try to DJ at my own party. Well I can play the song but i’m still having problem on controling the mic when using SAM. Hmm so DJ is big no no for me.

Another job that I won’t apply is escort. Hmm I love to chat with people but not that way.

After that, I won’t apply working as dancer. I’m shy on dancing in that kind of way. I love to dance but when I need to stage up my dance…hmm is not my style.

As any management job, well I only login in morning. Manager job required you to know all the shift for any given time of the day. I rather give it to someone else rather than fail to accomplish my job.


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