My First Class

I just started attending my modeling class two days ago (Monday). Well I was suppose to attend it on Saturday but I had to reschedule it because of RL family emergency. It was 1-on-1 class since few other classes already full (they have 3 students max per class rules).

The first class is more on basic stuff. I learn about skin, bodyshape and eyes. Eventhough it sounds so basic but I never know there’s so much to be consindered by models. For example, my instructor gave few pointers on what kind of skin that I need to avoid, what is the best bodyshape to use as a model and eyebrow attach with hair you bought (I never know they have that).

Skin is the most expensive stuff I know sold in SL (I mean for something you wear). Since my skin is freebie (well I bought it less than 10L), I need to find a new one which will be in my next class. I’ve eyeing few skins but I need to wait for my next class in case I got better skin choice. She already pointed out which type of skin that I must avoid which thankfully I’m not into that kind of skins (wet skin, tattoo & gothic) unless the agency or client request for it. She said most well verse models have 35+ skins. Wow 35? I only have 3-4 skins. 2 skins came from the same skins group just different kind of makeup.

As for bodyshape, well she gave the numbers that I can play around when I edit my appearance. My current bodyshape is non-modify so I need either buy one or create from scratch. I did ask about her opinion on my current bodyshape. Hmm I need to do some modification on that but nothing major. I did ask why I need to use a certain numbers for certain bodypart. She explained it well the reason for it.

Then she talked about prims eyelashes. Like extension eyelashes in RL, prims eyelashes gives the dramatic approach you want for your eyes. In SL, in increase the glance of your eyes. Well I see the differnet from the prims eyelashes she wore that day.

She also talked about eyebrows which sometime comes with the hair you bought. Hmm I really never know that. Hmm I need to see it…may be later when I’m on my SL window shopping.

*blush* I need to check back my notes (my SL IM log) on things I miss to explain in here.


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