My second class – Styling

My second class; styling class, was held yesterday. The objective of the class is to get the look that I need for my first ever modeling portfolio. The portfolio is important to start my modeling career. It’s my resume. For this, I need to get three main looks; casual, swimwear and classy. My opinion on this class was more than I’ve expected.
First and foremost was the places. I knew it might not be in the classroom like the previous class but i never thought I would be shopping almost to everywhere around SL. When it comes for modeling, the model needs the total package; clothes, makeup, shoes and hair. So to get the right look I didn’t shop at one store alone. For example, to archive, my swimwear look, we went to three different stores. I got 3 looks to archive. So I went more than ten stores. Why it was more? Well beside clothes, shoes and hair, I bought new skin, AO, and few accessories to complement the look. Some store was too laggy that we end up TP to others instead. How laggy? Well let say both of us had to relog couple of time.

Second was the instructor. It wasn’t because she’s not good. She is good. Before we start my shopping spree, we discuss what kind of look I wanted by asking about my personality, colours and what outfit I like. I won’t tell you the concept yet until I’ve completed my portfolio. Let it be a secret but I will post few pictures of things I bought. I’m a bit expressive of things I want and what interest me the most (my big bro complained that to me few times). My instructor was patience to listen to me. She gave me info about each of the stores we went or how to get certain kind of looks. She took some of my idea too such as the hair I like that I thought look good on the outfit. She pointed the outfit or stores that match to the look I wanted. The way we shopped, well first we went for the outfit. Then the hair. After that we went for shoes and lastly is the accessories. In my opinion is the best way to create a certain look. I did try to play around the different makeup I got from my new skin to compliment the outfit and the look we want to archive.

Third was the time I had spent during the whole class. The class was estimated for 1 hour but end up 4 hours. Well with the places and the things I bought, who can’t blame that. I’m not complaining but I feel bad for Jose because I did promise to meet him at 9. I’m glad he understood about my class. At least we could still IM each other.

Fourth was the outfits. I was introduced to all top designer stores (beside my usual PixelDolls and Zaara). Now I know why they are pricey than others, the clothes are beautiful. Personally i admire how they create clothing from 2d-graphic software or handdrawn to something almost reallife-like in 3D. How pricey? Well the price was almost doubled than what I’ve bought randomly around SL. Hmm… I got an idea how to mix-n-match my casual outfit with something new or something from my inventory. I think my snow shoes will definately in this look too 🙂

Fifth is about myself. Well I got a new skin after I’ve been using this skin for so long (I think after 1 or 2 month I’ve joined sl). I hope my SL family won’t flip out with my new looks. I’m still the same person inside. I just got myself KA-Design V2 sunkisses skin. Beside skin, I’m going blonde. Lol. It isn’t permanent but only for my portfolio. I don’t feel blonde inside or in my personality. I’m too hermione-ish/ravenclaw to feel blonde (I don’t have anything against for people who are natuarlly blonde).

The instructor gives me task to accomplish after our session ended; first to contact the academy official photographer to schedule my photoshot, and second to wear my AO all the time. I already contacted the photographer right after she told me to. The photographer told me she need to find the right time for our photoshot session. I can’t wait for that. 🙂

My next session with my instructor only start after I receive my pictures from the photographer.


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