I Need Help

Well since I need a more user-friendly (mod/copy) bodyshape and my current bodyshape is not, so I’ve decided to build or modify the one that I have in my inventory (my noob bodyshape). Hmm I don’t have problem with sliding the attribute to get the right kind of body (Body/Legs/Torso) but I have problem for the face area. *Scratching head* Hmm….

So I’ve decided to find a new one which hopefully resemble my current shape or compliment my new skin. I’ve seached and tried few dozen demo shape around SL. None makes me look or feel like me *sigh*. Even Mocksup Graves is kind enough to give me some mod/copy bodyshape (Thank you, hun 🙂 ). I did try to ask others about the ways that I can use to copy/transfer the bodyshape attributes to a new modifyable shape. Well they have no idea too since the face area is a bit tricky.

Hmm since my photoshot session is approaching, well I’ve decided to try few bodyshape that might looks good on me and make me feel like me. I got few bodyshape that I’m considering to use but I need help from who ever read this to help me to choose which one looks the best on me. I’ve narrow down to 3 shapes. Here is the picture as reference. Please take note, the picture no. 1 is my current shape.

Shape To choose
Shape to choose (Click to enlarge the picture)

Here is the info :

  1. This is my current bodyshape (face area). It’s non-modify.
  2. This shape; called Reese, I bought from Curves but I’ve modify it a bit. Hmm.
  3. This shape given by Mocksoup; called Yuko.
  4. This shape given by Mocksoup; called Egg4 almost similar to Yuko with just a little bit difference (I won’t tell which one)

Just vote for shape looks best on me, so when other people meet me again they still know it still me.

Thank you in advance.


2 thoughts on “I Need Help

  1. More than welcome! Those shapes are ones I have gathered in my grid travels! I believe they are from a shop called Heaven (I would have to check my inventory!)

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