Little note on the shape

Well I got 7 votes so far. Hmm so far the guys like Shape #3. Hmmm… Personally after I got few feedbacks with going back and forth wearing all the shapes, I like a mixture of Shape 3 and 4. I agree with Ran (from SLU) about the mouth shape for Shape #3 but somehow I like the nose from Shape #4. I didn’t got time to do it yesterday. May be I’ll do it today and see the end result. As for the eyes…hmm it does look the same for me.

Oh by the way, I already started to wear Shape #3 to Jose and my instructor just to see their reaction. Both of them like it. My instructor already told me the importance in being able to change shape especially when wearing dress and skirt (the butt size). I do agree on that (after I try to change it when wearing skirt).

So far I don’t get any comment or reason on Shape #4. Ran said #4 is too cute. Lol. I thought guys like cute girls. Here is his exact comment (Ran…I’m pasting it in Hope you don’t mind about it)

Originally Posted by Ran Garrigus 
Voted over there, but I’ll just say that it’s between #3 and #4, and #3 strikes me as the best. The shape you bought may suit some other skin, but not that particular one. #4 is getting a little too much on the typically “cute” side, but like #3 it does have a mouth setting better suited to the skin.

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