Styling – Practice 081024

Well my instructor had once told me in my first class, “You must have an eye for fashion, have a good dressing sense and are at least expected to know how to match the right clothing, shoes and fashion accessories.” I think it’s easy task for me on dressing up since I like to dress up in SL since the day I joined. The only thing is eyeing for fashion…I mean in non-freebie way of dressing. Since I’ve a lot of free time in SL, I’m trying to practise by myself to be SL fashionista.

Ok here some pictures I’ve taken using Photosphere (it’s really a useful photostudio) but I’ve crop the image using Photoshop.

OK here is the info on what I wear.

Skin : KA-Designs V2 Skin (Sunkissed LB Make Up 03)
Hair : Truth Izzy (Walnut-Java)
Tops : Zaara – Maitri (Pearl)
Pants : Skin Flicks Carla Shorts Gold
Shoes : Maitreya Billow Boots Tan
Bangles : Zaara – Melange Gold Bangels
Earring : Zaara – Melange Earring Yellow


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