I just can’t resist – Styling 081026

The jacket from Zaara is really cute and sexy too. So I try to find something to cover it up…well more on wearing underneath it. I don’t want to change the pants yet. I love the pants. Oh and the boots too. So I did my own shopping and found a cute shirt which I think match with my pants from PixelDolls.

I didn’t change my hair style just yet, until I went to Glance International. They just warped up their monthly Socialite show. I didn’t go to the show but I got the message from the group saying that one of the sponsor for the event living some goodiebag at the end of the runway. I never took any goodiebag from any of their show before..so why not now. Well the goodiebag is hair from Uncleweb Studio. The hair is really cute, so I’ve decided to check their store and found the hairstyle that I couldn’t resist at all and end up looking like this *grin*

I just can’t resist them


Shirt : PixelDolls – Stipes Top (Antique)
Hair : Uncleweb Studio – Burly (Moca)


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