After Party – 081027

Well after the event, I straight away logged off. The next day, I figure out on trying to mix-n-match from what I was wearing with other clothes that I have. Hmm…first the easist thing to do was changing the skirt to pants.

I didn’t stop there. I got a pair of shoes that I rarely wear..hmm. May be I can try it since it still a nice looking pump. Luckily I got the hair & accessories to match with it. Yeah me 🙂

Here is the final look… who said you can’t mix-n-match couture with your daily outfit.

Hair : ETD – Simplicity Sassy (Black Red) *Sorry big bro, I just borrowed your hair colour*
Pants : Zaara – Jeans Classic (Charcoal)
Shoes : Juicy – Juicy Classic Pump (Apple)
Earrings & Bangles : Zaara – Melange (Red)

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