I got class – 081106

Well I’ve another session with my instructor. She asked about my understanding on our previous topic. It’s a good thing to have my notes with me. Beside, I used to be the brainer in class (only for the subject I like).

Today, I learn more about modeling as behind the stage. It’s a good lesson for me. Lucky I never do any mistake during my previous event. Well I haven’t start learning about the catwalk. I do admit I’m still learning on doing the turn because I need to improve myself on that.

As for my style-of-day, well I’m opt for much more casual. It’s a good thing I’ve did few serious shopping in ETD sales. 🙂 Now I’ve added few more necessary shoes for my SL wardrobe.

I'm trying on with more pattern for the backdrop
I'm trying for more patterned backdrop

Skins : KA-Design – V2 Skin (Sunkissed LB Make up 03)
Shirt : Zaara – Kantha (Brocade Peacock)
Pants : Zaara – Jeans Classic (Indigo)
Shoes : ETD – Buckle Ballet Flats (Navy)
Hair : ETD – Mia (Espresso)


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