Golden pose – 081110

Well I went around SL, shopping for few static pose to add in my beginner personal collection. Well, I don’t buy much but just 3-4 pose that I really need. Currently most of my pose is base on my AO. The hud is good but sometime I can’t archive a certain look I want which make my photo session is longer. Some people in SLU did suggest to have a Pose HUD. Well I bought 1.

It’s really cool. Beside having a stand-alone posing stand, it has also stand-alone HUD, which means I don’t need to hope on poseball or using a stand pose. Yeah! 🙂 The one thing I love is the Set Pose, where I can configure which pose belongs to what set. Now I have sets for standing, sitting and close-up.

As for my looks of the day, I’m trying with gold.

YOu don't need to be rich to have gold
You don't have to be rich to wear gold

Shirt : Zaara – Kantha (Brocade Gold)
Skirt : Pixel Dolls – Comfort Skirt (Black)
Shoes : ETD -Starley Pump (Gold)
Hair : ETD – Elika (Espresso)
Earrings & Bracelet : Eolande – Cascade


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