Just love it 081115

It’s just another day  on the sand with my family and me, and my friend Aldina. Today we were chilling out at Aldina’s house. She has nice little house by beautiful beach which she shares with her boyfriend, Kay. We were having a great time (despide having a frequent SL crash 😦 ).

Jose & Baby are having a blast on that tree
Jose & Baby are having a blast on that tree

It’s fun to watch all 4 of them. I was so busy taking pictures of Baby & Jose that I forgot what clothes that I was wearing. Hmm I only remembered that I wore 69 Allure Hair but I forgot anything else. I think the babydolls make me forget about other things.

Well Aldina (or Ain as she asked me to called her) has given me the whole set of her pretty babydoll dress from her shops; Just Love!. Seriously, if you love wearing babydolls or you love summer too much, you will love this babydolls. I felt in love the moment I saw it. She was so nice to give me the whole set plus with other dresses (I’ll wear that later).

Well once I reached home (after Jose & Baby left), I quickly changed to my babydoll dress (it’s all mine mine). Beside I got fashion show to watch in less than 10 minutes. Well I managed to pul the look just right for the dress which just in time for the show. My instructor said it’s crucial for me to know about it. I do agree on that,  it’s like how crucial to be in the hospital when you want to be come a doctor (well something like that..I’m not good in giving metaphore).

The show was good beside having a major lag in my part (well i can’t turn down most graphic option since i want to see the outfit in full detail). Anyway I did manage at the end with few of my own trick. Overall the show was good and I got nice freebie to add in my collection.

I had modeling class just 1 hour after the show. My instructor and I did discuss few major point about runway and notes from previous classes. Once the class finish, I was off to beautiful island called Las Arenas Rosadas (which I found out from one of Flickr’s user in Zaara group). It was truely beautiful. I didn’t need to venture too far, the small dock itslef is beautiful. Well here are my pictures to prove it.

Isn't the waves so beautiful in here
The waves is so beautiful in here
I love the babydoll dress
I love the babydoll dress


Can you see the dress? Isn’t it beautiful. I just love the texture and the little tying knot around the waist. Well just like the brand name, “Just Love!”. You just love the dress. Beside it does match my accessoires from Zaara.

Shirt : Just Love – Summer Babydoll (Green)
Pants : Armidi – Kogo Skinny Pants
Shoes : ETD – Calf Boots (Brown)
Hair : Kyoot – Hot Mess (Dark Brown)
Earrings & Bangles : Zaara – Melange (Olive)


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