I feel blue – 081120

Hmm…I think my title is a bit misleading. I don’t feel particularly blue as the feeling but my outfit shows all the shades of blue. Yeah I know most fashion rules said it’s bad to wear all from head to toe in the same colour, but I did brake it with few other colours and most of the shade that I’m wearing is not really blue.

To SL fashion police, if I’m guilty just arrest me. I can’t help it to fall in love once again in Just Love babydolls, this time in blue. Hmm, I was havin a hard time to match things up since I reused all other outfit too frequent (lately). So let me see, wear this..attach that..scratch that… oh wear that… and wa la.

Sometime it is cool to be blue ;)
Sometime it is cool to be blue 😉


Top : Just Love – JL Summer Babydolls (Blue)
Pants : Zaara – Jeans Classic (Blue)
Shoes : ETD – Peep Slingbacks (Blue)
Hair : UncleWeb Studio – Burly (Type B Moca)
Accessories : Zaara – Kaya (Turquoise – Silver)
Eyes : Adam n Eve – Frost
Lashes : Canimal – Classic 1


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