081230 – A lazy day

Even my style is so simple
Even my style is so simple

Wel I’m pretty much busy with SL and RL that I haven’t got time to go to my photosphere *hugs her photosphere..I’m sorry dear*. As for my CHANTEQ..well it’s a bit slow, I think most people still prefer to go to in-world shop. I want to increase it for few more..well a dozen more before I open up an in-world shop. I don’t want to rent a shop just to sell 3 items.

As for my second design, I’ve done it but I need to revamp it. Don’t ask or it won’t ever be finished *shudder*

For this month, I was busy participating in Peace On Earth Hunt (a.k.a Globe Hunt). I haven’t finished it because I got distracted in other little things in some of the shop. *giggles*. At least now, I’ve more accessories than I have last month. Beside the hunt, some of the stores have thier own mini hunt e.g. A Piece of Candy. I also has been in and out of ETD, well sometime I’ve an urge to get some of the hairstyles and accessories. I consider myself as freckle-minded.  I always forget things to get until after I went out of the  store. 🙂

My style for today :

Shirt : Truth – Skyline Tanks (Coffee Run)
Pants : Armidi Limited – Kogo Skinny Pants (Faded Umber)
Shoes : ETD – Buckle Ballet Flat (Butter)
Hair : ETD – Laine (Espresso)
Accessories : Caroline’s Natural Bracelet, Neclace & Earrings (Brown)
Eyes : Adam n Eve – Baby Blues
Lashes : Celestial Studio – Classic 1


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