Goodbye 2008. Welcome 2009

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Well a year went by. Hmm what I can sum up for my 2008, I found family and friends in SL. As for family, I’m thankful to have Jose and Baby with me. They’re fun to be with. My two boys *giggles*. Well one is my boyfriend and one is my SL son. I need to make it clear because there was once thought Jose is also my son because I mentioned them both as “my two boys”. Not forgetting my big bro, Rayden and my big sis, Ivana. I love both of you *huggles*

I found more friends for me just hanging out with them or went for shopping. Thank you for being my friend in here.

It also a year of jobs for me since I got my first job in SL as Slingo host. It was nice and fun. Well It has up and down as long you stay away from the devil. LOL. Then I want to switch career to do other stuff, well namely, designing clothes (that I keep postponing since my 1st day in SL) and modeling.

As for 2009, I hope my personal minor project will bloom. 🙂

P/S: I modify my face just a bit.


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