Being away

Dear my beloved blog,

How are you? I’m so sorry that I haven’t written anything to you for such a long time. I was so busy with rl and sl life that I didn’t post anything to you eventhough I got quite a lot pictures that I want to share with you.

I hope you aren’t angry with me. Please forgive me my dear but I promise you tons and tons of post soon after. In fact I’m sending you a fatpack of my latest and not so latest post just for you.

My love,

Well I got a new laptop. Well it’s  my first laptop ever in my life. Well I still have my loving 2year old pc (it’ll hate me if I call her old…well I never call her old just more matured.) Although it still new, but I’m having trouble on installing some of my application. Sigh. Well after 2 weeks, I hope I got everything right in order.

Well that’s about my RL that I’m willing to share so far. Back to my SL life, well I’ve graduated from modeling school. After a few holiday here and there and some unknown RL event, I finally walked the runway as a graduate student. After couples of days with less almost none of sleep, the event was over. I’m so sorry that I hadn’t told you earlier about the show. It’s not like any graduation fashion show that I ever knew in SL, there were 6 profesional SL models together with another graduate student and me rocking the show. I’m so sorry that I didn’t take any picture during or before the show. Seriously I was nervous, after few months of training I didn’t want to screw this show. I was too nervous even to type in between changing the outfits. The only thing I was thinking.. please don’t crash..please don’t crash. I was having a hard time few hours before the show because I kept crashing during tp to the location. SL was unkind to me but it did give me the sweetest memory. I did 1 single walk and 2 walks with a partner. Both of my partners were so sweet and kind to me. Thank you Jesika and Haruka. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the name of the show, it was Ibizarre Showcase which was organized by JSP and Glance International Agency. It’s part of JSP Fashion Expo Winter ’09. I got to wear 3 gorgeous outfit.

I guest this is for now. I don’t want to bore you with my story too much all in one post. As for a quick tease, here is fot the upcoming post.

With love, Nieve
With love, Nieve

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