Internet connection – how I hate it

Well this past couples of weeks was a bit crazy and busy for me. First I got few RL family thing that my family and I needed to be settled. Not much I can say about that.
Secondly, my internet connection at home is down since last week until now. It’s like a major breakdown and the internet provider has made a press statement about it. Apparently any connection to USA is down or will be degraded until 5th March. Arghhhhh. I hate it.

Firtst I thought something wrong with my notebook because the conenction is so slow. Let me give the picture how slow it is. Imagine you open your SL viewer (or any viewer) then press Login button. You take your shower and have your dinner and wash your dishes, and when you look at your pc or notebook, the sl viewer said “Connecting to Region”. Is not even just SL, any website for that matter. I even submit a support ticket to LL. Since the press statement, I need to withdraw it.

Right now, I’m in the office (don’t ask). The connection is smooth but I can’t login to SL unless I’m using Ajaxlife. I login once in a while so my IM won’t get capped.

With the crazy internet connection and family matter, there’s a good news about it. Jose and I just celebrate our first anniversary together. It’s anniversary based on the day we first met each other in SL. πŸ™‚ I only able to met him few days after our anniversary because of my internet connection. 😦 Sigh. Second news, we both now are officially SL partner πŸ™‚ lol I propose to him and not another way round. It doesn’t matter for me. Now, I can told other guys that I already have boyfriend in SL without me need explain it. Hmm I need to get our picture done after my connection is back to normal.

I think that’s all. Any picture is in my computer and notebook. I need to make sure my connection is stable again. I hate it to type half-way and can’t save it at the end.


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