090330 – Still having ETD

Yup I’m still having my ETD fix. I want to have one ETD hair per day. Well new ETD hair more like it and today I’m wearing Chel. This hair remind if you fix your hair in piggytail/ponytail/whatevery tail you want to call it..have a night out with friends. Once you back home you sleep with that hair and in the morning..voila…you got Chel hairstyle. Can you see the hair stuck out loosely from the piggytail either at the top of your head or at the end of the tail. The hairband just being put there to cover the messy fringe . Out of the whole mess…this hair kinda cute to me.

By the way I’m quilty because I’m still wearing the yesterday top (that explain my hair in this kind of mess..lol). Well I love Maitreya Sculpted Top but this time I don’t wear the belt. Hmm may be I need to buy another one but I still having a battle which colour to choose. Perhaps I wear the Batik design.

I’m also quilty of wearing J’s Tassele Wedges Sandals. Gosh I need to find more open toes sandal for this Spring and Summer.  For me, sandals is the best feet essential to wear during Summer and Spring…and also barefeet. I do want to wear my Slink Barefoot but my SL family wants to explore around SL. Yup we went to Star Trek Museum. I’m not really a fan of Star Trek but the museum must be cool for the fans.

Ok for no futher ado, here is my look of the day 🙂

Messy or cute...hmmm
Messy or cute...hmmm


Skin : Pixeldolls Skins – Anna Plain (Olive 01)
Hair : ETD – Chel (Ebony)
Eyes : Adam n Eve – Baby Blue Eyes

Top : Maitreya – Sculpted Top & Belt (Satin Red)
Pants : Zaara – Ishaya Velour Slacks (White)
Shoes : J’s – Tassel Wedge Sole Sandals (Black)
Necklace & Earrings : JCNY – Heart Promise Diamond


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