090403 – 3rd day with ETD

My serenity

 Well as I promise, I’ll be wearing the new ETD hairstyles each time I online and this time I’m choosing Loraine 2. If you look from in front or either of your side, you’ll think it just normal updo. If you look closely from the back, the hair is bunch into two buns instead of 1.

As for me this kind of updo doesn’t suit with formal dress because the two buns really give an edge to the hair. For this hair, I choose the new top Leezu…well not so new because I bought it somewhere last month. I bought it during the week I participated as JCNY Showcase Model (Week 1). There’s something about the top that made me fell in love for on the first sight. I realized in SL I wear too many red outfit (in RL I wear a lot of yellow and green), so I choose the blue one but with the essense of red as the ribbon around the waist. Well the colour is compliment with my favourite eyes; Adam n Eve Baby Blue Eyes.

As for pants, I’m still in mood for Zaara but this time, I’m choosing the espresso to compliment my hair color. To brought out the redness on my waist, I choose JCNY jewellry and Pixel Mode Posh Leather Boots.

How do I look

Skin  : KA Skins – V2 Sunkissed (Make up 02)
Eyes : Adam N Eve – Baby Blue Eyes
Nails : Chai Polish – Red
Lashes : Adam N Eve – Brush Long (Black)
Hair : ETD – Loraine 2 (Espresso)

Top : Leezu – Henrietta Plain (Blue)
Pants : Zaara – Ishaya Velour Slacks (Espresso)
Shoes : Pixel Mode – Posh Leather Boots (Red)

Necklace : JCNY – Rose Garden Heart
Earrings : JCNY – Heart Promise Earrings


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