Fashionable Relay Challenge #32

My look
My look

Two months ago I signed up for Fashionable Relay Challenge, organized by Sasy Scarborough. Frankly I was nervous while waiting for my turn. To make me remember who wear what, I make a relay spreadsheet so I won’t repeat item they already wore. Early in SL morning, I saw Zoe from blog  Z Complete already passed the relay baton to me. She has done a stunning job with so many item that make me awe, especially on using the tulle skirt as part of the jacket. Brilliant.

Oh gosh I don’t know where to choose. I got really hardtime whether to choose the sequin top or the tulle skirt because both look so stunning. Eenie meenie mynie moo….Initially I wanted to use the sequin top but my curiosity gets the better of me, so I’ve choose Digit Darkes Tulle Skirt in Black as my baton. First thing first, I need to get the skirt. It’s truly a lovely flexi skirt in its true form (without any modification from me).  Hmm as far as I know, I haven’t seen anyone wearing a long skirt  or even a gown.  I challenge myself to create a flowy gown out of this skirt.

I know I can’t used tops from another gown. Hmm….I think I got just the top for it. I still have my Maitreya Sculpted Top & Belt. I’ve been posting a couple of times about wearing this top. Another post won’t hurt me. This time I’m wearing the shirt layer without the scupltie belt and tops.

Hmm black + red = Emo (that what’s one of my RL niece told me). So I guess this is the right time for me to use my Pixeldolls – Twillight Fair Plain Skins.  The lipstick is really dark than the one I usually wear. Hmm I can’t remember why I bought this skin in the first place.  As for the hair, I chose ETD – Vivian in Ebony. This is one of the hair I bought during ETD big sales last year. It’s one of the updo hair that I like to wear.


Hmm too many black going on me. To inject back a little bit redness, I chose my ICING – Rose Ribbon Choker which I bought few months ago and also Juicy – Classic Pumps in Apple. As for earrings, I chose Caroline’s – Large Silver 3 Hoop Earrings.

The only thing I lack right now is the bracelet and one more item to tied up between the top and the skirt. I went blog hopping just tolook any place that might give me idea for my next destination. I found +Plus from one of the blogs I was readding. This shop is really a winner for me. The price is cheap and the items are stunning. I grabbed two items when I was there; Corset Belt in Black and Summer Essence Bangle in Red. The best thing about this corset, it has in shirt & jacket layer. Yeah. The only thing I wish, the owner sold the bangles for both hand instead of one. 

After changing my eyes, lashes and nails, I’m done with my look 🙂

Now the baton is passed to Nina Revnik from blog Second Life according to Nina. I hope she can find something she likes from what I have. Good luck 🙂

Skin : Pixeldoll– Twillight (Fair Plain)
Hair : ETD – Vivian (Ebony)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Light Blue Eyes
Lashes : Adam n Eve – Dramah Prim Lashes Long (Black)
Nails : Love Soul – Nail Dark Color (Red)

Top : Maitreya– Scuplted Top & Belt (Satin Red)
Skirt : Digit Darkes– Tulles Skirt in Black
Shoes : Juicy – Classic Pump (Apples)
Corset : +Plus – Corset Belt (Black)

Earrings : Caroline’s – Large Silver 3 Hoop Earrings
Chocker : ICING – Red Rose Choker
Bangles : +Plus– Summer Essense Bangle (Red)

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