New to Plurk

For the past few months, I keep seeing other people adding plurk in their SL or SLU profile. I was wondering what is Plurk in the first place. I was shy to ask other people because most of my close friends in SL don’t have Plurk.

My curiocity took the better of me, so today I signed up to Plurk. The sign-up is really easy. Fill in the form and validate you e-mail. Done in less than 2 minutes (unless you need 10 minutes just to think what is the coolest name to be used as you plurk’s display name or the name you want has been used by other people.

The first think I notice is the timeline. Hmm it looks like MS Project. So nothing much there. The other thing I’ve noticed was the karma point. Hmm what is karma. I know each time I try to update my profile I got karma point. Why do you need karma point? If I used my karma point, will it deduct my total karma point? Hmmmmm.

I don’t have problem to change my profile and add my picture. Just I feel a bit lonely in Plurk 😦


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