6 months ago…

I just realized 6 months ago

  • I created this blog
  • I attended my first modeling class
  • I bought my first ever designer skin. I bought in fatpack and it was worth it until today.
  • I found there’s so many hair stores in SL. I was being tped from store to store when I was learning about styling.
  • I bought my first ever shoes. Lol before I just wore freebies shoes that I got in fatpack.

A year ago,

  • I started my first job, a Slingo host.
  • I bought my first dress from store (I think I bought two) from Sexy Catz and Pixeldolls (well they used to share a store).
  • I bought my first necklace. I still have it today.
  • The only place I knew to shop were Bewitched, Sirena’s, Pixeldolls & Sexy Catz.
  • Sexy Catz and Pixeldolls were the only store I know that sold beautiful clothes. They still sold a lot of beautiful clothes. I still love Pixeldolls *hugs to the owner*. I haven’t been to Sexy Catz for a long time because the store has been moved and I can’t find where it is.
  • Once a while I shopped at Zaara.
  • SL Search was the only place I knew when I wanted to find things or clothes.
  • I still never heard of Linden Lifestyles or SecondStyles.
  • I bought my first ever Redgrave Boots after I saw someone in Slingo Pad wearing it but regarded soon after because I didn’t have the outfit to go with it.

More than a year ago,

  • The only place to earn Linden was from camping and once in awhile from Zyngo.
  • I was still wearing skin created by Newbie Linden (*blush* yeah I know I never have a fashion mentor/teacher in SL before). I think the skin name was Carmella or was it Camelia.
  • The only place I bought for hair was Bewitched. I got just 2 hairstyle from there.
  • Place to shop was Freebie Island. Well it was not totally free, most things cost around 1L to 10L.
  • One of the guys I knew gave me a bunch of freebie stuff such as dress, hair, jewellry and shoes. I did asked, he’s not a cross-dresser. He said he like to collect free stuff and hopeing to pass to someone in need.

Oh wow, when I read while I typed this, I don’t realize I’ve transformed so much. Hmm why I told about my past in here, well sometime we need to look back in our past to be thankful for what we have today 🙂


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