Old Pictures

Well I managed to dig in my old picture in SL. I mean old as before I wanted to join modeling class. Lol. I was camera shy back then, that was why I didn’t have many picture of me (as alone without my sl family)

This first picture was taken for the adoption agency. It was my first ever photoshot. I did it by myself. I remember when Baby saw that picture, he thought I was a guy, so I asked him to meet him just for at least 5 minutes to proof I was not a guy. Well the one in the adoption board look a bit more smaller than this. Lol.

My first picture
My first picture


This second picture was my first ever profile picure which I did by myself. I used one of free photostudio to take this picture.

My olf profile picture
My old profile picture


And this is me now (well that was like 3 days ago).

The new look.
The new look.

Skin : KA-Skins – V2 Sunkissed (Make up 02)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Mossy Rock)
Hair : ETD – Holly (Auburn)
Nails : Adam n Eve – Rosetta
Lashes : Celestial Studio – Classic 1

Top : Tuli – Sequin Tank Top (Red)
Dress : Kyoot – Clingy Tunic Dress (Xanax)
Shoes : Redgrave – Red Leather Boots
Belt : Refuge – United Belt (Black)

Bangles : DeLa – Bangle Bellini (Silver)
Necklace : ICoN – SW Necklace (Silver)
Earrings : Caroline’s – Large Silver 3 Hoop Earrings


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