090430 – Trying something new

Hmm although I’m trying something a bit new almost everyday I’m in SL but today will be a major thing for me. Just look at this picture and tell me what do you think about it. 🙂

Me and ...Kaera
Me and ...Kaera

I want to have another go with this skirt too. I think I’ve managed to tame the monster prim this time. The original skirt was about knee-length, but now I’ve modified it to be the same length with the glitch pants. May be I try to dress as Boho. I’m not good at it but I like to try.

I still love Elate! Slivia. The colour is so fresh but I’m thinking to give a rest on my beloved Bebae Belina skin for today.  I try to have a look on the skin that I have so far in my inventory. I think I found just the skin for that (try not to comment more because I want someone guess what’s new on me today).

I love Kyoot new hair which I’ve worn before. I think I haven’t put in my blog but the pictures are in my flickr. Well I the one I have doesn’t match with my skin this time so I tp back to Kyoot and trying to figure which color that suit me best. Hmm I’m lack of idea on choosing it. Lucky Kaera was online this time. So I tp her to the shop, so she pick this colour 🙂 Yeahhhhh.

Presenting Kaera :)
Presenting Kaera 🙂

Lol the funny thing, I just realize we’re wearing the same shoes. My latest shoes which I design the texture after Kaera suggestion on having green shoes with flowers.

Skin : Imagen – Lia-Sur (Valentina)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Mossy Rock)
Lashes : Celestial Studio – Lashes (Classic 1)
Hair : Kyoot Army – Self Absorbed (Dark Brown)
Nail : J’s – Pink
Enhancement : Ayumi Cleavage

Top : Elate! – Slivia (part of)
Skirt : Boing Fomage – Hot Summer BoHo Skirt (Beige)
Shoes : *Chanteq* – Kaera Shoes (unrealease)

Necklace : Mezzo – Heart Necklace
Ring : Flint – Bloom Ring (Pearl)
Bracelet : Creamshop – Lily Bangle


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