090516 – Rest and Relax

Rest N Relax
Rest N Relax

Well I was busy buying a new piece of bikini yesterday for personal collection since I’m not kind of beach girl so this collection will be really rare in my inventory. I head down to few places suggested by few people in Fashion Emergency. Well in my opinion, all the places are good but still didn’t give me vibes. Then I remember Nyte N Day has a new collection of bikini which I saw from their website. I tped to the main store and I saw this.

I love the sweet color. Flushed really up to it’s name because it just give a a flushed of colours on my skin and not too overwhelming. It’s so me. 🙂 Well my look was started with the whole piece..i mean the bikini top and bottom.

The skin was easy, I love my KA-Skin. It’s my 1st skin. The skin is just right for me to head down to any beach. It’s the skin of summer. The make up is really suttle. Well I don’t like my make up interfere with the ocean when the waves splashing on my face. This make up give me a flush colour on my lips and not much on eyeshadow.

I ran through my hair collection. I want hair that tied up but not a normal ponytail or braid. Something that makes me feel relax on the beach. I don’t want to worried about my hair  but still feel pretty. Then I remember this hair which I bought on the day of ETD re-opening day. Yeah me. 🙂

As for the eyes, I bought new eyes from Miriel, the Brown collection. I want to try something different. Usually I wear either blue, black or gray. I love this eyes. It’s not too brown but it’s in between black and brown.

I was about to ramage my shoes when Kaera said she’s having problem on tp out from a region. So Aldina and me tp there to be with her. Well I can’t hit the public and non-beach place with just a bikini.  First of allI pulled up a pants. I need something makes me sweet and casual. I don’t want jeans because jeans is way too laid back. This pants just give me just the thing I need.

I like my bikini; this bikini and I hate to cover it up or taking it off. So I wear this cover up jacket from eLDee. The first time I saw it from Uma’s blog. I love it. I have it for more almost 2-3 weeks (I guess) in both colours. I forget to tell you that this cover up jacket comes in silver and black. The price is 50L which is a bargain. Yeah for nice sweet jacket without hefty price tag.

Hmm my midrift is a bit bare..hmmm decision decision. Yeha I know. I let me test this corset I have from Kyoot. I have it when I was looking for the Fashion Relay Challenge. I didn’t wear it until now. It seems the hint of red stripes really compliment with the bikini. Yeah now my looks is complete.

Skin : KA-Skin – V2 Sunkisses (Make up 03)
Hair : ETD – Torwen (Espresso)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Smoky Quartz)
Nails : J’s – Pink
Prim Lashes : Celestial Studio – Classic 1

Bikini Top : Nyte N Day -Tiz Bikini (Flushed)
Corset : Kyoot – Scarlet Stripes Austere Corset
Pants : Zaara – Ishaya Velour Slacks (White)
Jacket : eLDee – ATOLL Cover Up (Silver)
Shoes : ETD – Starley Pump (Red)

Earrings : Zaara – Melange Earrings (Red)
Bracelet (R) : Zaara – Kaya Bracelet (Coral)
Bracelet (L) : Gracie – Leopard  With Word Grain Bangles


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