Photo Studio, Photoshopping or On Location

As newcomer in SL modeling world, I need to take pictures as much as I can. I can remember my first modeling instructor said, ” Takes picture whatever you’re wearing and show them to friends and family. Let them comment on it. From there you can figure out your own fashion style.” With that advice, I keep taking as much pictures as I could on my look of the day which is the reason I created my flicker album.  I got so many (well I consider it many since I never like taking pictures of  me *blush*).

I’m considering myself as amature photographer even in RL. I read as much tips as possible on how to take a good picture in SL, from using the sunset/sunrise environment setting to windlight setting. When I first started I used free-to-use photostudio in SL. I don’t know the name of the photo system but I know it was before Photolife. Then I bought my first and only Photosphere which I still use until now. I’ve tried using it with plain background too its custom background. After few time using it, I like to use the plain background because it’s much easier to add various other snapshot into one main pictures. I don’t have problem on using Photoshop since I’ve been using it since 2000.  Adding various pictures into one is one of my hobby when I play around photoshop. As much I love photoshop, I don’t like to retouch my pictures; namely my look, outfit or accessories because I feel it unfair to retouch other people’s creation. So what ever you see on the outfit/accessories/skin is what you got.

Using Photosphere
Using Photosphere

More info on the look

Later I learned on taking pictures on the location around SL from the backyard of my own home to the beautiful island of Las Arenas Rosadas. I love the natural feel on the background instead of texture of the photo studio. During that time I only equipped with various pose (I don’t have yet Tillie’s Pose HUD) and face light. I never knew about windlight setting.

In front of my house (then)
In front of my house (then)

For this picture, I took various spot just in front of my (then) house. I used midnight environment setting because I love the latern cable in front of my house. Originally it was a bit too dark because the latern was not bright enough. So I reez one of the Photosphere’s independent light. I copied it and put  a few around me just to give me this final picture. (More info on the look)

Then I try on using photoshopping to add background for my plain pictures or special effect on it. Well it’s a bit hard because I need to make sure I cut the pictures just right so it doesn’t look like a picture pasted on another picture.

My first attemp on photoshopping
My first attemp on photoshopping

More info on my look

Lately I love to take pictures on a location with various windlight setting. This is the latest pictures of me.

My look with using windlight
My look with using windlight

You can download this windlight setting from Ana Lutetia.. I’ll blog about this outfit in my next post (with a kinda funny story that comes with it 🙂 )


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