Am I Getting Married?

How do I look?
How do I look?

Lol that was the question I got when Jose first saw me in this dress. This is the exact conversation I had with him.

Well I think I miss the veil 😉 But who cares, nowadays you can get married without it too. Just look at Elizabeth Tayloy’s wedding (I miss count which one was it), she didn’t use veil too. Or perharps Liza Menilli’s. Oh gosh…they end up  divorce right? Ok scratch that. No wedding unless I got a veil.

Ok back to the gown. This is one of the outfit created by the Talented Lu’s Sisters from Paper Couture. I’m aware they use more and more sculpted pieces in their latest Spring 2009 Collection. For instant, they use sculpted belt which bring the design up to another notch. I think I might be their fan. Well not their biggest fan but eversince I was being introduce to their design, it makes me want to own at least 1 or two gown from their Fall or Spring Collection. The only thing I don’t like to own the other people raves about. I mean I don’t want to end-up in a party or randomly around SL with 4-5 people wearing the same thing I wear. 1 or 2 might be fine but 4 or more..well it’s like going back to school when everyone force to wear the school uniform. Lol.

Back to the outfit. Sorry I’m consider myself as freckle minded when I type. It keep getting me side-track for other things. As for this dress, I love the elegance of it. With the pale gold and cream texture, people might think it looks like white under certain kind of light. The top is invision of golden lace on top a satin fabric. It does have a romantic feeling when I put it on, so I don’t want to use any crazy accesories or big hair do (although I was tempted to use Marie Anternotte’s hair-do).

I start first with the shoes because it’s the easiest for me. The shoes is from ETD. It’s a good thing I bought them in fatpack. I’m kinda fatpack girl if I know I like it a lot. Beside pump shoes and stilleto won’t be out of style in anything you wear (except you want to go casual or dipping your feet in the water).

Then I choose my skin. I choose my KA-Skin because it has the make up with deep red lipstick and the skin tone is neither too fair,  too pale nor too tan. Hmm I think I need to find a dark skin for this because I’ve a feeling the skin tone will pull it off so nicely with this dress. Pale & Fair make me feel disappear when I wear the dress. As for the make up, when wearing this kind of dress with deep red lipstick, it does bring a another level of elegance. Sorry I can’t picture this dress without the sense of elegance.

Then I choose my earrings and necklace. I love Caroline’s accessories. It’s affordable and beautiful pieces. I’ve tried with other pieces of necklace that I own, but I love the pearls on me than diamond (just for this dress). So I choose, Caroline’s Vera Pearl Drop and Diamond Silver Neclace. Eventhough it comes together with earrings, but I choose Earthstones – Timeless Pearl Earrings because I want pearls that dangling a bit long.

The hair was tricky. I’ve run through the whole hair collection that I have especially the up-do hair. Gosh I’m running low on that. I’ve been tp from store to store to find a suitable hair for this outfit. I even bring Aldina along for the ride but she couldn’t online for long. Then  I look on the fashion feeds and found out about HoH newest hair, Lilly and just my luck they have put this hair as new release gift. So I headed down to HoH Store and found the hair. I took it and it’s perfect 🙂 Yeah! The only thing is the colour doesn’t seems to match with what I invision so I bought the Blonde Pack (lol I never touch blonde before I join modeling). What I can say about the hair, well it’s perfect for the brides with 10 lillies tuck neatly behind it. FYI, the lillies is scripted so you can choose what ever colours from it’s 12 colour collection. I love the hair with a flexi hair bounce as part of hair loose from the bun.

I never been to HoH because most of the time I tp to Bewitched instead of there. I look around the store and foudn the accessories section. Yeah! I bought a few accessories for my personal collection and also this clutch. I’m not bag-lover kind of girl but this clutch really screaming my name (or was it my I bought Leather Clutch in Burnt Gold. Perfecto 🙂

Once I got the clutch I know one thing I need to have, the gloves. The best place I know for having elegance satin gloves will be Fluer. I tp straight away to Fluer. Eventhough the gloves was released last year, it was never out of style. I bought colour. The gloves comes with 3 different length. I try it all just to make sure which one will suit me best and I end up choosing the medium length.


The look

Skin : KA-Skin – V2 Sunkissed (Make-up)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Light Blue)
Hair : HoH – Lilly (Blonde)
Prim Lashes : Celestial Studio – Classic 1

Dress : Paper Couture – Pale Luster
Shoes : ETD – Starley Pumps (Gold)
Gloves : Fluer – Gloves (Tan Medium)

Earrings : Earthstones – Timeless Pearl Earrings (White Pearl)
Necklace : Caroline’s – Vera Pearl Drop and Diamond Silver Necklace
Clutch : HoH – Leather Clutch (Burnt Gold)


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