Pink Overload Day

The first time I saw this dress when I was browsing one of SL fashion feed. I can’t remember one (Note to self : next time blog as soon I finished taking the pictures not weeks after). It was the latest post (at that time) from Shacha’s Official blog. I was mesmerized by just looking at the gown. I’m one of those people who do shopping by looking at various blogs, flickrs or even xstreet before I hit to their in-world stores.

I love the flowers

I seldom buy gown. Most of my gowns are from Beningborough and Paper Couture. Well I do love dresses or cocktail dress but not formal gown. Since I want to go for casting that day, I want to try something new. Since the theme is “Dress To Impress”, and this dress really impress me, so I tp directly to the store and try to wonder around it. It was so happend the owner; Sascha herself was there. She’s really nice lady as she help me to point out to the right panel. Lol I told her I saw the amazing gown first time in her blog. It was tricky to choose the colours as I love all of them but I was on tight budget 😦 so I would be happier even to settle with just one gown. After reasoning and talking to myself (well it sort of thinking  outloud *blush*), I choose this pink dress instead. Eventhough Sascha has a demo of the gown in the store,..well me being me, I just straight away buy it without trying them out.

I tp back to my house and tried on the gown. It was amazing. After testing all the various skirt option provided, I settled with this swooshing skirt (well as said on the properties). I tried with various hair do. The only thing cross my mind was a nice updo. Since I still attached to Atomic Bambi hair corsage, I finally settle hair from ETD. Although the hair was not recommended by Atomic Bambi (well you know it stated the accessories is suitable to what kind of hair from which store), well I did find something that suitable for the flowers 🙂

As for the accessories, well that was easy enough to find. Even though I haven’t blog about it but I already it for awhile. Once I finished, I got just enough time to tp to the casting room to hear the instruction. To cut short the story, yup I was selected for the show. 🙂

How do i look

Skin : KA Design – V2 (Sunkissed #05)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Eclipse)
Prim Lashes : Mayden Couture – Eyelashes V2 5
Nails : Love Soul – Dark Color (Red)
Hair : ETD – Cadey (Blonde)

Dress : Sascha’s – Ethereal Rose (Pink)
Shoes : ETD – Starley Pumps (Pink)

Hair Accesories : AtomicBambi Hair Corsage – Fiji (Blush)
Neclace & Earrings : Alienbear – Frideswide Set (White)
Bracelets : Caroline’s – Flexi Bracelet (Silver)


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