090826 – Black + Red = Emo?

I know I haven’t post anything for quite sometimes. Well I’ve been busy with my RL. FYI, I’ll be moving from my current house this coming weekend 😦 It sad to go but I have to. I’ve been busy scouting for house, making few arrangement and such. Even I’m busy it doesn’t mean I neglect my style. Actually I have taken few pictures before during my absent but I think I better post the latest pictures of me.

Waiting to move
Waiting to move

This is the latest picture from me. Hmm…let see It first started that I feel I need a haircut..or was it I feel like to wear this t-shirt. Ok I think it was this t-shirt. I have this t-shirt since last year which I bought in fatpack from Nyte N Day mainstore; Cute Tee Fatpack. Well it was in their discount section. I have a lot of pattern-coloured shirts/jackets/top, but I didn’t have something plain (except button up/down shirts which are too formal). I remember I had worn the white t-shirt from the same pack and posted it in here. When I first saw it I knew I must have it even it might look a bit old. I need it when I don’t feel the need to wear patterns. Well today is the day.

I’ve tired between skirts — all lengths — and also pants which I finally settle with this old pair of jeans from Zaara; Jeans Classic in Charcoal. Hmm Another black piece on. I blame it on the rain. Yup it’s raining for few days now in my RL.

Then I try out the bunch of hair that I want to wear. Since I feel I need to cut my RL hair, I wear a short hair for today. I don’t want to wear black hair. It’s too dark for me. I need colour. So I choose 69 hair; Envy in dark Auburn. It doesn’t look too bright and not tooo dark either. It’s perfect. (Mental note to myself : Cutting hair by latest mid-Sept)

Keep it short
Keep it short

Since the t-shirt doesn’t come for tuck and untuck version and I don’t feel like I want to show the skin in between the t-shirt and pants, I think it is time for me to use the belt that I just bought last week from League; Wide Belt Hipster. I love system layer belt especially I need something that can look as part of the top or outfit without the needs to adjust. System layer belt is good especially you need to dash up your look without causing the increase of your own ARC.

Once I have this basic look, I just added few accessories which match with my basic look. It doesn’t take me long to archive this look.

My overal look for today
My overal look for today

Skin : Bebae – Belina (Cinna – Frost)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Quite Green)
Prim Lashes : Lelutka – Photoshoot II Lashes
Pedicure : Adam n Eve –Rosetta
Hair : 69 – Envy (Dark Auburn)

Top : Nyte N’ Day – Cute Tee (Black)
Pants : Zaara – Classic Jeans (Charcoal)
Shoes : ETD – Hampton Wedge (Ruby)

Neclace : Mezzo – Heart Necklace
Scarf : Maitreya – Long Scarf (Sangria)
Earrings : Caroline’s – Large Hoop Earrings (Gold)
Gloves : Ibizarre – Soraya Bolero Jumpsuit; part off
Ring : Flirt – Bloom Ring
Belt : League – Wide Belt Hipster (Crimson)


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