090831 – My little black dress

Well my friend, Aldina just came out with a brand new dress under a brand new label; Woodenhanger. The dresses under this label is something you can dress up or down based on your day. For time being she sells the clothes under Woodenhanger label under the same roof with her current brand; Just Love. You can check her store in the Intimate Moments or browse it from XstreetSL website.

Me at Aldinas store
Me at Aldina's store

I already saw this dress when she made them (in SL of course). I fall in love with it. The dress comes with two layer of skirts; one is the prim skirt which comes in few sizes and the other one is the sheer skirt with golden clasps in front of it. Since I always love short cute dress, I know this dress is perfect for me. 🙂 Aldina was really nice on droping me couples of folders from her latest label and one of them is this dress. Yeah 🙂 I always love her texturing and this dress never fail me.

I bought Maitreya Gold Shanti shoes on the day it first sold in SL but I haven’t blog about it. It’s the first prims feet shoes that make me want to buy there and then but with a limited funding a tight budgeting, I have to sacrifice for not buying either in fatpack or all 3 shoes offered by them. It’s really hard to choose because they spoil their customer with colours and option. I have to check my iinventory first before I make any decision. I bought Shanti because I’m lack of open toes semi-formal shoes. As for colours, well I have a lot of black and white shoes. I choose Champagne colour because it’s the best colour when I need shoes that versatiles with my wardrobe. I love the pre-select skin range that they have in the HUD. As for me, although the skin I’m wearing is not from the range of skin that they have proclaim to be compartable with, but some how it is perfect for me. I have test it with my other skins as well. Right now I’m wearing Lelutka London Revolution Sunkiss. From the HUD, I just choose skin #08.

As for accessories, well Zaara newest accesories range is beautiful. I saw them for the first time in her website. When I saw there’s one with light brown & black pieces, I know it will be perfect to go with this dress. I quickly tp to her store and bought Tarika Claw Earrings and Pratha Cuff. When I first saw Pratha, it looks like a chunky ring. I was a bit suprise to see it is a cuff. As for the earrings, well it was the first thing I bought once I tp to the store. It is really edgy. Gosh Zaara newest accesories is really a must have on every av in SL because it is to die for.

The necklace is something old I hav e in my inventory. It goes well with the rest of my accessories. I can’t wear my other necklaces(which I can’t name the brand in here) because it the attachment points all pointing to spine. At the moment my spine is attach to the sheer part of this dress. I try not to spoil by creating new attachment point for the sheer because it kinda cheating to other people who first see this dress. (P/S : Alli dear, I think you can add another set of this sheer but attach to chest instead. So people have more option in their styling 🙂 )

With this kind of dress and accessories, I know I need to go blonde which I really love it with the outcome 🙂

The look
The look

Skin : Lelutka – London Revolution (Sunkissed  Makeup 8a)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Light Brown)
Prim Lashes : Mayden Couture – Eyelashes V1 09
Pedicure : Chai – Polish (Red)
Hair : Boon – TOM14 (Blonde)
Enhancement : Ayumi Cleavage – Dark

Dress : Woodenhanger – Juju Little Black Dress
Shoes : Maitreya Gold – Shanti (Champagne)

Neclace : Paper Couture – Regal Pearl Bracelet : Zaara – Pratha (Silver Cuff – Onyx)
Earrings : Zaara – Tarika Claw (Gold)


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