Moved and change

I just moved to a new house (in RL of cause) end of last month. Gosh it was tiring like hell. Seriously. To say the least, it took me more than two days just to reduce all my body ache which all over my body.

Eventhough I’ve moved to new home, I still have few things need to be settled such as changing my mailing address for all the accounts I have e.g bank, credit card, loyalty membership card and etc. Few things I’ve done online and there’s few more that need to be on physical way (e.g. going to their office) and that includes my internet which comes together with my phone. With the RL work I have, it seems impossible to do them early of the month.

Eventhough I don’t have any internet connection doesn’t mean I can’t access it. Lucky for me there’s few wifi signal that I manage to savage at home. Yeah. It sufficient enough to hang out and chat with friends and SL family in SL (with a minimum setting as possible), checking my email and facebooking. *grin*

Well with this limited internet connection, I did manage to :

  • go to and check out their sales. I bought some of their hair. I forgot if I bought the whole 4 hairstyle or was it just 3 of it.
  • take photos for Chanteq ads board. I still have 2 dresses to go but the internet won’t behave well for few days now.
  • bought a lot of skin demo which I haven’t test them yet. I want to embrace my ethnic skin. I’ve post my request in SLU forum. If you have what I seek, please send me LM my way 🙂

I still due

  • announcing about Chanteq; my pride and joy.
  • organizing my 12K+ of inventory. I managed to delete at least 100 more or less of notecard. I really need to bring it down to a reasonable 7K – 8K.
  • taking a lot of pictures in SL. I miss doing that.
  • taking picture around Chanteq store. Thank you to Jose for building it for me. I really love it. So far I have one but it is in my profile pick.

Anyway this is the picture I managed to get for Chanteq. Please take note, I don’t retouch anything on the dress except the background of the picture.

Chanteq - Orient Red
Chanteq - Orient Red

 It can be found in XStreet and in-world.

Until then, Ciao.


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