Back to the office

Wel last Friday was my first day in my RL office after my 1-week holiday. I feel like wearing office attire in here rather than my usual mix-up casual. As for the colours, I am having a brown day. I need to cure my “black & red” overdose. *giggle*. Most people usualy wear navy blue, white, grey or black as to wear as their office attire. For me, I want it to be brown instead of those colours. Brown can be versatile in many ways. You just need the right kind of brown or else you look nekkid from afar. Trust me it will be the last thing you want especially you’re working in those corporate environment.

Beside having brown day, I’m testing as many attachment I can attach on my body but the sad news is, I can not wear my necklace while wearing prims collars for both jacket (attached to spine) and shirt (attached to chest). I’ve tried to attach the necklace or collar of my jacket to various point such as stomach, pelvis and right pec but none is working. Some people had suggested to rez both collars and link them together but I can’t because the shirt is non-copy item and I hate to link anything with my necklace. Well it does look good when I was standing on the pose stand but when I start walking or moving, it had become a different kind of story. Bottom line, none looks pretty. Beside my usual list of what ever I wear in here, I also put the various attachment point are being used except the normal one for earrings and shoes attachment point.

A day at the office
A day at the office

Skin : Pixel Dolls – Ichigo (003 Kitten) with Ginger Brow
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Aquamarine)
Pedicure : J’s – Red
Hair : – Jules (Scornful Red)

Top : Alphamale femme – Shirt (White) Prim collar attached to chest
Skirt : Maitreya –  High Skirt (Choc)
Jacket : Aoharu – Tailored Jacket (Brown) Prim collar – spine, bottom prims – left pec, prims sleeves – r & l forearm
Shoes : Maitreya – Group Gift Pumps (Brown)

Earrings : Paper Couture – Regal Pearl
Ring : Paper Couture – Times Square Ring (Diamond) attached to left hand
Belt : *COCO* – Wide Belt (Brown) attached to pelvis
Bag : Baiastice – Leather Business (Brown) attached to right hand
Glasses : HOC – Glasses Rectangle Female #001  attached to nose
Pencil (Hair) : Mary’s LL – Green Pencil attached to chin


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