Brown Girl

Yup I’m having another brown day but this time with additional bronze & gold. I hope nobody get sick yet with this colour. Autumn/fall season is getting nearer, and brown is one of the colour that make me remind of this season. As for the blog entry…well Jose called me that when he first saw me when I was having this look.

The brown girl
The brown girl

For this post I’m wearing Ichigo skin from Pixeldolls, but in a darker shade. I got the group message from Pixeldolls telling about this skin in darker shade. So I quickly IMed Dolce, and asked about it. She is really nice and dropping me the whole range to me. Now I have the skin in 6 tones instead of 3. Yeah!

Two days ago I was bored, so I went window shopping around GIA (Glance International Agency) sim and I end up at Sugarcube which is situated there and bought a new skirt and a new dress (which only exclusive for her store in GIA). Since I was still having a brown day and it has been awhile I bought something metallic, I bought this cute gold skirt. Oh by the way, the picture above was taken at one of venue in GIA sim. It has lovely scenic around the sim but since I’m still using my laptop/notebook I can’t take any picture on the surrounding area especially those related with water 😦 One main reason; laptop won’t give justice to the water shader.

As for the top, I made this top but it was originally in golden yellow. It was a bit clash so I changed the colour  and managed to have this look 🙂 At the moment I don’t have any name yet for it. Feel free to comment or give the name for it.

As for the hair….hmm well just say I’ve lost my comb 😉 I let out my Zero Style hair once again. I haven’t wore it for a long time.

By the way I managed to go to the Jewelry Fair on the last day of the fair. There was not much lag but my internet was not cooperative to me. I crashed and only managed to get back in to SL couple of hours after the fair was over. Well SL nighttime is equal to my SL daytime. Despite for being in the fair for less than 20 minutes, I did manage to grab few things 🙂 Two of those are my Firefly Steampunk Necklace & Earrings. Both earrings and necklace have a shape of bees on it that really caught my intention.

Before I bored with so many words, here is the closer and final look.

The final look
The final look

Skin : Pixel Dolls – Ichigo (005 Bronze)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Aquamarine)
Pedicure : J’s – Gold
Hair : Zero Styles – Mike (Black)
Prim lashes : Mayden Couture – Eyelashes V2 5

Top : Chanteq  *unreleased*
Skirt : Sugarcube – Frothy Tiered Skirt (Gold)
Shoes : J’s – Real Toe Cross Belt Sandals (Brown)

Necklace : Firefly – Steampunk Necklace
Earrings : Firefly – Steampunk Earrings
Bracelet : Isis – Gold Bangle (a)


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