Zaara – Larin Skirts

I don’t know whether to consider this good or bad. It’s the day SL keeps shutting down sim and I was happend to be in that sim. First I was at Zaara sim, I only managed to capture a few pictures before SL telling me that they would shutting down (restart) the sim. So I tped over to  my skybox. The same things happen, telling me the sim would be shut down for maintenance and bla bla bla. Finally I’m back to my SL house.

Pictures that I managed to shoot at Zaara sim
Pictures that I managed to shoot at Zaara sim

Today I’m wearing Larin Skirts from Zaara. It was love at the first sight. Hmm well it’s more like love on the first pixel. One thing I have to applaud to Zaara, as she keeps coming with more and more beautiful clothes and jewelry one after another. To think of it, my first love affair with Zaara was since her Nilaya Jacket. After almost a year, my love affair keep growing and growing (To my Jose….don’t worry the clothes won’t replace you). Ok getting back to the skirt, well the skirt comes out in 3 different theme; plain, plaid and art prints, and each theme comes with 3 different colours. Honestly I want to buy all 9 of them but I know my Linden wallet is pretty slim this week so I have to settle at max with 1 theme pack (mini pack). After having a battling argument with myself, I’ve made my mind to choose the Art Prints pack. Well to battle with myself about choosing the theme is hard enough, and if I need to argue to choose which skirt to buy might trigger Zaara alarm or something because I’m standing too long in front of that skirt (I don’t want people think me as bot or something). Yeah I got new skirts.

As being pointed out by Marianne via SLU Forum, the skirt really look good in any pose. The skirt doesn’t have any script at all. People might wonder how Zaara do it. Well with a really good texture of course. As for this mini pack, just wear what ever top you have and you can have 3 fabulous outfit (with 3 different colour) instead just stuck with one colour evening dress (most creator will give a lots of different kind of skirt but you still have just one colour)

Now I need to shut up at let you look at the prettiness of those skirts.

Look 1

Another version of my brown look :)
Another version of my brown look 🙂

Skin : Pixeldolls – Ichigo (004 – Gilded)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Sepia)
Hair : Truth – Lesley (Chocolate)
Manicure : Candy Nail – #000 Basic Nail (Cocoa)
Prim lashes : Lelutka – Photoshoot II Lashes

Top : Phoenix Rising – Inner Wrappings (part off)
Skirt : Zaara – Larin Skirt (Copper Rust)
Shoes : HOC – Chunky Stilettos

Necklace : Zaara – Karmuka Necklace (Wood Gold)
Bangles : Zaara – Ramya Wood Bangles (Gold)

Look 2

Looking gold and green
Looking gold and green

Skin : Lelutka – London Revolution (Sunkissed – Makeup 8)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Sepia)
Hair : ETD –  Holly (Espresso)
Manicure : Candy Nail – #000 Basic Nail (Olive)
Prim lashes : [glow] studio– Avantgarde eyelashes (Seduction)

Top : Zaara – Maitri Jacket (Gold)
Skirt : Zaara – Larin Skirt (Forest Splash)
Shoes : ToXica – Zana Pump (Green)

Necklace : JCNY – Leaving For Venus
Bracelet : Zaara – Pratha Silver Cuff (Onyx)
Earrings : Evica – Diamond Hoop Earrings (Gold)
Ring : Paper Couture – Times Square Ring (Kyanite – Dark Blue)

Look 3

Silvery  look
Silvery look

Skin : Bebae – Belina (Cinna – Runway)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Sepia)
Hair : Truth – Gogo (Night)
Prim lashes : Lelutka – Photoshoot II Lashes

Top : Pixeldolls – Bella Corset
Skirt : Zaara – Larin Skirt (Silver Lilac)
Shoes : Pixel Mode – Leeza Suede Boot V1 (Sky)

Necklace : Evica – Glitter Glass Necklace (Purple)
Gloves : Maitreya – Armwarmer (Taupe)
Earrings : Zaara – Kaya Turquoise

P/S: I’m wearing my new shape for all looks.


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