It has been a year + Style Revisitted

Hey, it’s me again. Gosh I didn’t realize this blog has been 1 year old. No wonder I feel like wearing back the outfit I first wore as my styling practice back then. I didn’t wear the whole outfit. I just changed here and there.

It’s totally a sexy jacket from Zaara. After wearing it (but totally different colour) for my Zaara Larin Skirt, I felt like wearing the jacket again with the same colour I wore last year. Instead wearing any underneath shirt like people might suggested it, I wear just the jacket as my top. Ain it sexy 🙂 ?

I’ve revamped few things such as the pants, shoes and accessories. Now I’m having a total Cream look. For instant instead wearing a short pants, I’m wearing a long pants. Instead wearing boots, I wore

Before I’m forgetting, Aldina Roux; my friend and also the designer behind the label Just Love and Woodenhanger has finally found a perfect store for her Woodenhanger brand. Sorry I forgot to take any picture while I was there but I took a few when I was at Just Love. As for the LM, I’m still waiting it from her to give me but one thing for sure it’s in Monacco City sim. If you walk around there, don’t forget to check out her store (although it still in moving progress). Beside hangout around Woodenhanger, I also hangout with Aldina at her Just Love store. Since I’m in the middle on sorting my internet connection, I just took all my pictures there instead posing in my skybox.

So what do you think with my revamp look and the old look with the same top and skin.

Hangout with Aldina
Hangout with Aldina
Close up
Close up

Skin : KA Skins –  V2 Sunkissed (Make up 3)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Sepia)
Hair : Aden – Nicole (Platinum)
Manicure : Candy Nail – #000 Basic Nail (Smoky Pink)

Top : Zaara – Maitri Jacket (Pearl)
Pants : Zaara – Ishaya Velour Slacks (White)
Shoes : Maitreya – Shanti (Champagne)

Necklace : RS Design – Beaa Necklace
Earrings : ETD – Beaded Earrings (Silver)
Ring : Paper Couture – Times Square Ring (Diamond)
Sunglasses : Elysion Optic – Vairocana Alfa (Marble Black)

P/S: I wore bracelet but somehow in the middle I detach it and long forgotten until I started writting in here. *blush*


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