091019 – Falls on me

I can’t help myself to sing, Falls on Me (by Fuel). I think brown has become my new black because I keep wearing that colour a lot within this couple of months. Today I feel like wearing again this skirt from Muism. I already did a photoshot in that skirt but with a totally different looks. The colour really remind me of falls/autumn. Instead of wearing sweater, I wear this Anoorea Blouse from Michami. The top is a bit sexy in most subtle way 😉

My look
My look

After a lot of viewing other people’s blog and pictures, finally I bought Bax Coen Prestige Boots. It doesn’t mean I jump into the mainstream, I just love the flexibility on changing the heels, zipped, pleated and etc. The one thing I like is the long zip and without buckles. Well it’s time for me to change my boots (the last time I bought any long boots was like 4-5 months ago.) Beside I have a few with buckles on it and this time I don’t have any buckle on. I only bought the black boots because I can get away with it in almost all of my outfit.

As for the skin, I’m wearing Adam N Eve – Natasya (Autumn series) which just has been released couple days ago (or was it yesterday..official date will be told by Sachi of course). I first saw it in Lizzie’s blog, which I’ve commented as “…Natasya makes you look poise..it’s something Ms Hailstorm (I hope I spell her name right) might look when she’s having Socialite Hi Tea Party somewhere in posh neighbourhood with big hat from iCoN, dress from Italian designer and high heels from Stiletto Moody, Maitreya or Anexx….” (Lizzie..I’m borrowing back my comment in your blog to put in here). Just last Saturday, Sachi dropped me Natasya (Autumn Series) demo folder with notecard. I quickly tested all of them. Yup, I’m correct on this one, it’s really for socialite woman. It does gives a posh and luxury feeling. I thanked Sachi via IM and we talked. It was the first time I’ve chatted with her. She is really kind. I told her what I’ve commented before on this skin and about hair too. Well my first gift I received from my Jose was red piggytail from Adam n Eve and it was when we first start dating back in 2008. Gosh it does really bring back memories. She told me she would be releasing Natasya soon (as during the weekend).

My Look
My Look

Today I go to Adam n Eve, because they are having “Beating The Monday Blues” where a special item is sold for 50L. This week, they are selling bag (the one I’m wearing rigth now). It is a good deal to buy this bag. I love this type of bag in RL and SL is no exception 😀 After that I go straight to the female skin section, yeah the skin is up for sales. It is a bargain that you can’t let go. 1800L for all 4 make-up. I bought the fatpack since I already like the whole make-up range. Each make up comes with hair based, without hair based, bewbs shades and freckles. Well it’s quiet huge combination. Not only that, they also gives manicure and pedicure for each make up based. Cool.

For those who thinks bloggers like a sheep, do you think I’m a sheep when I bought it with my own money and I never got money from blogging. I just do for fun and my blog is more on my Look of The Day. I bought when I the item and I rarely bought fatpack. Quoted from Lizzie “Did it make me feel happy?  Did it make me feel sexy?  Did it make me feel adventurous?” Well as always, I feel nice.

My look for today…

Skin : Adam n Eve – Natasya Autumn (Tone 2 – Fall – Bewbs)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Quiet Green)
Hair : Adam n Eve – Cristina (Cranberry)
Manicure : Adam n Eve – Natasya Autumn (Fall)
Prim lashes : [glow] Studio – Innocent eyelashes (intensive)

Top : Michami – Anoorea Blouse (Espresso)
Skirt : Muism – Tartan Buckle Skirt(Faquharson)
Leggings : !OhMai – Basic Sheer Leggings Royal Highness (Concrete)
Boots : BAX – Prestige Boots (Black Leather)

Necklace & Earrings : Rhiamon’s Realm – Yellow Roses Porcelain Pearls Set
Bag : Adam n Eve – Monday Blues Beater


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