091125 – The Assassin

Is it sexy or deathly?

Nothing is sexier than being the assassin. Guns and bombs just a child play. It so easy to use them. For me, sword always be the weapon of choice. It just slash and cut.

I told you, I've a sword with me

Oh well that is my fantasy outfit. To tell you the truth, I never ever touch a sword neither a gun nor bomb. The closer thing I’ve touched was water gun and knife to cut my fruit.

The assassin

At the moment, I love my Jolie skin fron Dutch Touch. I feel sexy in it. Then comes along this Unzipped dress from League. I think I have wear it more than 2 days. Now this jacket from The Abyss just complete me. FYI, I don’t retouch anything at all beside cropping the pictures and adding the frame.

Upclose and not so personal

This is what I wear for today….don’t worry about the sword. Good thing, this jacket comes with various collar; collar with straps, collar with sword and strap, and collar only.

Skin : Dutch Touch – Jolie (Olive – Dark)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Esclipe)
Hair : fri.day – Neva (Jealous Red)
Prim lashes : Mayden Couture – Eyelashes V1 09

Dress : League – Unzipped (Champagne)
Jacket : The Abyss – Opium Cropped Bomber Jacket with Katana Sling (Brown)
Stockings : blowpop –  Lacetop Fishnet Stockings (Black)
Gloves : +plus – Snake Biker Gloves (Brown)
Boots : League – Sinaed Boots (Brown)

Goggle : The Abyss – Infrared Goggles (Model 2012)
Earrings : Caroline’s – Large Hoop Earrings (Gold)
Belt : The Abyss – NAU Combat Belt

Location : The Abyss


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