100103 – Paper Couture + LollipopZ

I've been told green and blue are my lucky colour

No matter what other people said, I love this dress. Short and coloured dress (other than normal cream, white or black). To think of it, I did own an outfit with this combination; green + blue. Well I know almost every people is either plurking, tweeting or blogging about Paper Couture latest release. Who doesn’t as the Lu Sisters are a bit late on releasing anything. Well they usually release their outfit for Spring and Fall. This fall so far none. I’m not totally frantic fan to buy each and everyone of their outfit but each time they release something I buy at least one or two outfit with few of their jewelries. This time is no exception. FYI this outfit comes with wrapped turban and  sheer jacket which I don’t wear. Well if I wear it I need those big glasses with a long cigaratte holder (I don’t smoke neither RL or SL)

The whole look

I’m wondering after hanging out few times with my friends and new found friends, why people still wearing black, white or cream. Come on, this is SL why you need to wear the normal basic colour when you can wear a whole lot more of colours. Well I did have the moment in SL when I keep wearing black or any combination that have black as majority colour. Well now I got back my groove on wearing coloured-outfit. Yeah me! 🙂

To tell you the truth, I already done 70% of the pictures; cropping and merging the original snapshot, but I redo it all over again because this hair. The previous hair I wore is nice but it’s more professional and subtle look that I usually wear nowadays. Then I was talking to Zeev; the owner of Lollipopz something related to my work which involve her. We have nice chat and then she sending me a folder. I was like “OMG” when I wear it because it is perfect for this dress. I snapped a picture and quickly sent the picture to her. *Laugh* sorry I never done that before to any designer or friend what so ever. Well here is the picture I sent to Zeev without any editting beside cropping it (well I did two version; one save to my inventory and the other snapped to my harddisk). If you can see, I don’t use this picture as my final picture for this posting because of the sytem skirt always make this split in between the leg when I criss cross my leg like this. She did laugh when I said, I need to redo my whole posting because of the hair. I don’t know about you but for me I will do it if it is important.

The original picture

The hair have two version; one with flower and the other without flowers attachment. But I like the non-attachment hair for this dress. 🙂 Thank you Zeev for allowing me to see and have this hair *hugs*. The hair name is Dreams. Yup it’s totally a dream to wear it. It has this big updo which reminds me like some old movies..something like Audrey Hepburn. Hmm maybe with a slick long dress with a satin long glooves…yup it does look classic. But the flexy fringe framing my face make it look a modern.

LollipopZ - Dream

My total look.

Skin : Dutch Touch – Jolie (Olive – Dew)
Hair : LollipopZ – Dreams (Dark Brown)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Eclipse)
Prim Lashes : [glow] Studio – Innocent Eyelashes (Intensive)
Manicure : Candy Nail  – Basic Nail (Cocoa)

Dress : Paper Couture – Roaring Green Ruffles
Shoes : HOC – Chunky Stiletto

Necklace : Paper Couture – Agate Bib Necklace
Earrings : Paper Couture – Geometric Crystal Chandelier Earrings


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