0100226 – I’m back

Gosh…it has been like what…3 months may be that I don’t post anything in here. I feel very guilty. *blush* Ok I’ve so many new things which I wear but I don’t blog it or I have it but I don’t wear them yet. Well I might blame on the big sale in Aoharu for that *looking sheepishly to my new collection of shoes*.

Well just few days ago, I plurk about having linden but I haven’t spent it yet. Lol. I felt like shopping but I don’t know where to shop. Well with 2-3 series of shopping spree, I’m down with few things in my inventory.

What do you think?

I have the necklace and earrings 1 or may be like 2 months ago….hmmm may be 3 months. The only new thing will be the sunglasses and jacket. Well my lil sl sis told me I’m getting girly look nowadays. Lol. So well sis, I still have my groove on. What’s everybody verdict on this?

Who said knit jacket is for girly look

P/S: My lil sis bought the same jacket but in red

My total look.

Skin : LAQ – Tasha2 (Milky Glow – 10)
Hair : Lelutka – Hera (Charcoal)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Summer Wood)
Manicure : Love Soul – Nail Dark Color (Red)

Jacket : Fri.day – Comfy Cardi (Wine)
Pants : Aoharu – BT HardCrash Leggings (Black)
Shoes : J’s – Ankle Boots Round

Necklace : YS & YS – NEW Silver Necklace
Earrings : YS & YS –  NEW Silver Flexi Earrings
Sunglasses : Role Optic – Socialite I


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