AF2010 – 1 – Trident – Hefring (Sneak Peak)

Well I never thought, I’ve been picked to be one of the blogger for Accessories Fair 2010 this year. It’s truly a great honour. Hmm I never really into this kind of stuff — blogging for certain kind of event in SL. The only thing I love to be part of it because of the Accessories. There are so many things that involve as part of accesories; jewelry, belt, beg, face piercing and etc. These are the little things that play a bigger roles in your life. Come on, you can’t call yourself a neko without those fluffy beautiful tails or slave without a collar.

In SL, life without accessories just like a desert -- just bare.

Well Accessories Fair which  organized by Glance International Agency (GIA) will be opened from 6th March 2010  to 27th March 2010. Well as the official blogger (I try not to consider myself as official), I able to do some sneak peak around the fair couple of days early. This fair is not like any fair I’ve been, well the booth..oh well booth sound small. Lol. All I can say about the prefab is fabulous which designed by Babyhoney Bailey. You should come down here via Access Entrance 1 and Access Entrance 2.

It’s a good thing about this kind of fair because I able to see beautiful jewelry form the stores that I never heard before. It is not they are not big in SL may be their name mostly famous to certain set of user. Today I choose a beautiful unique pieces from Trident; a store created by Rossana Llewellyn. All of her works inspired by medieval, ancient or mythical story. Each jewelry is accompany with the story of the name. For example the one I choose for today is called Hefring which is the name of  one of the nine daughters of Ægir and Rán, a giant and goddess who both represent the sea, seashore, and oceans in Norse mythology.

Trident - Hefring

This rustic pieces come with armbands, collar and earrings. If you look closely at the collar, you can see Scandinavian artwork..well namely Viking carving on the surface. I know I got to wear it. Well I hope you can see the detail on pictures below. I love to put my picture as wide as this page allow me because I want people to see in much clearer picture rather my usual combination of pictures.

Hefring - Collar. Love the carving on this rustic piece
Collar & Earrings. Yup, there is cuff in the earrings.
Hefring Armband

The collar reminds me of my assassin look. Well that look is not for today. After an hour (well more I guess) of shopping with Natasja (I love shopping with her), I managed to score with Roule new Kavi Jeans and Abyss – Pruiency Corset. Since this post is reviewing the accessories, well I won’t do any close up on the clothes. I hope you like this little review as much I love shopping, blogging & taking pictures.

My look for today

Skin : Dutch Touch – Jolie (Olive – Smokey Smooth)
Hair : Exile – Micah (Greystones)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Light Blue)
Manicure : DeeTaleZ– Nail Red Glitter
Lashes : [glow] Studio – Avant Garde (Seduction)

Corset : Abyss –  Pruriency Corset (Black)
Pants : Roule – Kavi Jeans (Black)
Shoes : Bax – Prestige Boots (Black)

Collar, Earrings & Armband : Trident – Hefring Set


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