100418 – Issue & what’s not

Well I have a really though time in SL with SL 2.0 stop working for me since last Thursday (I miss my viewer 😦  ) it just so happened I was wearing this particular dress when it start to happen. Well instead I put the blame on this beautiful dress, I rather have the SL viewer issues being solved first. Well I already submit the ticket to LL. So far, none of the solution solve the issue which resolve me to use other viewer. Before I bore you with my viewer story, I better post the picture in here — I mean the picture of the beautiful dress.

The dress

Well I saw this dress when I randomly checking the creator profile for G Fields. I saw the link in her profile which resulted me seeing this lovely dress. Beside each and every one of the colours is beautiful. I was having hard time on buying which colour I love best. Finally I bought all of them.


I just love maxi gown as much as I love the short dress, and this dress is no exception. Beside you can mix and match all the pieces to create your own style. Sorry, I forgot to tell you it has 2 different tops, 2 different skirt, prim bow at the back, 1 long glitch pants, 1 short pants (you can create your swimwear look from this piece), corsage on your chest, and headdress (there is 2 of them for left and right side of your head). The only thing I don’t like, the headdress is defaulted to nose attachment.

Working with dress that has alpha texture for the skirt is a bit unpleasant. This is based on my current and past experience. For these pictures, I have to capture in front of white screen before adding my in-world garden as the background.

What I’m wearing….

Skin : Bebae – Belina (Cinna – Frost)
Hair : fri.day – Marie (Emo Black)
Eyes : Curio – Tragic Eyes (Ice Blue)
Manicure : Candy Nail – Basic Nail (Silver Pink)

Dress : G Field – Maxi Dress Mellow (Leaf Blue)
Shoes : L+R+W  – Venus (White)

Bangles : Miel – Miel Ahi


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