100508 — Back from party

My red dress

I went dancing the other day and I forgot to take the picture of my outfit. The next day, I wore the same outfit again for fishing at my friend’s place. Hmm do you think people notice about my dress? I mean wearing this during a fishing trip. Anyway I don’t care if they notice or not but I was too lazy to change and save the outfit setting.

Red, black & little bit platinum

Well this is another dress from Honey which I bought on the same day I bought the white jacket outfit. This is the first fress that caught my eyes when I first entered the store. Few of my friends know that I have weakness on short dresses. This one is my biggest weakness. The ruffle at the end of the dress is scripted where I can choose 7 colours; pink, red, dark red, black, gold, silver and purple. Today I choose black. With few black and red accessories, well I was ready to party and have good time. As for the hair, I wore hair from 3636 which always has unique style on all of their creation. All I can say is I just love the hair.

The whole look

When I look back at the pictures,  hmm…who said red and black means emo. Sometime red and black can be fun colours too if you know where you’re heading 😉 By the way, I know the brow is darker than the hair which I don’t care because I’m channeling The White Queen from Alice in the Wonderland who just want to have fun dancing in her sister’s red outfit minus the big head.

My styles info…

Skin : LAQ – Martina (Fair – 05)
Hair : 3636 – Eden (Platinum)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Frozen Eye (Blue Poppy)
Prim Lashes : [glow] Studio – Innoncent Eyelashes (Pure)
Manicure : Pacadi – Manicure (Midnight)

Outfit : HONEY – Dressvol 0042 (Red)
Shoes : G Field – Ribbon Slingback Shoes (Red)

Earrings : [glow] Studio – DeLyn Fatale Earrings (Black)
Bangles : +plus – Studded Square Bangles (Black/Red)


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