100509 – The Grecian Princess

The complete look

Well after party in club the other day, I went fishing and shopping with few friends. Nothing much on the fishing. Well fishing is not part of my hobby in RL as well as SL but in SL at least I don’t need to put the baits onto the hook and cast the rod into the ponds/sea/river. Hmm, one thing for sure it is a good thing to do while sorting up my inventory while chatting with my friends.

After like an hour or two of fishing, we went shopping and our first destination was DNR (Designing Nicky Ree) because of this plurk post. Who in the right mind want to say no on this gorgeous orange outfit with that particular price. Yeah….let’s shopping. While we were there, I accountered this beautiful one-off shoulder dress, Honey which sold in two styles; gown and cocktail. Well I’ve been joking to them; my friends who went shopping with me that day, that I want to buy a wedding gown or white gown so I could get marry to myself. 😉 Well since now I’m single and finding a boyfriend in SL is kinda hard at the moment, why not I just get married to myself. Hey, if you cannot commit to yourself, who do you think can do that to you. With that in mind, I want to pick the white gown but I’ve to pick the hardest choice, whether to buy the gown (which I called the full gown) or the cocktail (yup my weakest tempetation). After asking them, 3 “Yes”es for the full gown ..hmm the gown it is.

Looking up close

One of them suggested to hang out a club in SL, well just a small club. Hmm my advice on this..you can only go there to listen to song selection and dance with your partner but don’t hope to high on finding a guy there (most of them are taken or they can’t give me interesting chatting) Sorry guys, this girl is one a heck of iceberg 😉 Ok back to my dress, I wore it, oh my goodness it’s so lovely. I feel like a Grecian Princess (fyi Grecian is refered to people from Greece/Greek). Lucky I have a hair and sandals to match with this lovely outfit. I don’t want to complicated the look with massive accessories, so I pick an armband from Zaara which I have for a long time but I never had a outfit to match with it until today. Hmm the earrings was a bit tough, none of mine fit the loook. So I tp straight to Zaara just to buy the earrings. Yeah, my looks was complete.

What I wear….

Skin : LAQ – Tasha 2 (Milky – 08)
Hair : 3636 – Belinda (Red)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Rebirth (Frost Columns)
Prim Lashes : Mayden Couture – V1 09
Manicure : Candy Nail –Basic Nail (Smoky Pink)

Dress : DNR – Honey Gown (White)
Shoes : Pixel Mode – Xandi Gladiator Sandals (White)

Earrings & Arm band : Zaara – Suvarna Kundan (White)


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