100526 – Is there such thing as Cute Biker Chick?

Well after almost a week of holiday plus a lot of  I-can-not-login-to-SL days, I’m back in SL. 😀 Hmm what to do first after such a long break from SL (2 weeks almost 3 weeks away from SL is consider long for me). Well first thing first, I need to go shopping. I miss too many sales and my av has not changed for so long. *hugs my sl self*  

The whole look


The main thing I want to buy is new outfit. I think this is my way on developing my look of the day for today. It started with this 2-piece outfit from HONEY: a one shoulder white top with a short black leather pants. It’s under the new section of the store. One thing I realize, the owner has rearranged her stuff around the store. May be, if you have been in here before, you might see the changes now. One thing I realize, all the outfits from HONEY only indicate code, it doesn’t have name suggesting if this outfit a dress, coat or complete outfit. If you own more than one, it’s better to rename the folder with some indicator on the outfits. 

Later I search my inventory, and found this boots from Miel. I kinda like it since I’ve worn it few times since I bought it. Hmm this outfit need a tough look. After tp, demo and looking at few new skin that I’ve missed, I bought a couple of skins but today I want to wear the latest skin from Dutch Touch called Isis. I’ve seen the skin in plurk the day it was released. Eversince my office has banned almost all fashion feed, I watch plurk for any latest fashion update. This skin has a lot of cute makeup…hmm I miss the edgy part of Dutch Touch. I settle with this make up. 

A little bit upclose

 At first I want to wear trench coat but where can I get it…hmmm if you know where I can get unbutton trench coat, please let me know. I was a bit scared to go to other shop since I started to get crash in 1 or 2 occasion. The last time I got crashed, I only able to login 3 days after that. Hmm..I check my current jacket…hmm this jacket look cool. It kinda match with the boots. Later I wear this hair which I got during The Deck Anniversary and I haven’t worn them. Hmm this kinda cute. It does has retro rock chick vibes although is still look cute. I add in bracelet from Mandala and earrings….well voila. I’m done. 

What I wear…   

Skin : Dutch Touch – IsiS (Cotton – Dark)
Hair : Miel – Tue (Blonde)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Aquamarine)
Prim Lashes : Mayden Couture – V2 5
Manicure : Love Soul – Dark Color (Red) 

Outfit : HONEY – Dressvol 0054 (White)
Jacket : Aoharu – BT Rollup Rider Jacket With Denim (Red)
Boots : Miel – Hai Boots (Red)

Earrings : Creamshop – Feather Earrings
Bangles : Mandala – 7Luck Bracelet


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