What a suprise from DoJo

Outfit 1 - DoJo - Petite Suprise (Red Black)

Hi everyone. I haven’t been in SL for a long time (if 1 month is consider a long time especially for me who always log on daily basis) Too many things going on for my RL which I won’t discuss again in here — I don’t want to bore people out. Well after a long time out of SL, I got a really nice suprise from Sanders Beaumont; creator of FDL & DoJo. I got a a new outfit from DoJo line; Petite Suprise. It is a nice suprise to get it 🙂 especially for petite people like me (I’m consider short for SL model). I’m short dress lover, and this dress win my heart on the first pixel.  Isn’t it lovely to get a new dress when you’re back in SL. I wish I can blog it sooner but few things in RL held me for doing it. *Sorry Sands, hope you forgive me*

Outfit 2 : DoJo - Petite Suprise (Red White Striped)

The outfit comes with dress, sandals and hair accessories. The dress remind me of blooming rose especially on the skirt layer which I love it because I love roses, especially white roses. It is somehow edgy but at the same time give me a nice feeling. If you look closely you might see the safety pin on the dress. Don’t worry the dress won’t fall off 😉

The dress comes in black, white, red black, red black striped, red white, red white striped and, black white.

Close up

Outfit 1:

Skin : Dutch Touch – Isis (Cotton – Dark)
Hair : Tukinowaguma – Lasnob (Tan)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eye (Aquamarine)
Prim Lashes : Mayden Couture – Eyelashes V1 09
Manicure : Love Soul – Red
Pedicure : Love Soul – Dark Color (Red)

Outfit 2:

Skin : Lara Skin – Candy (Pale – Red Gloss Pale)
Hair : Tiny Bird – Kissy Kissy (Sandy Blonde)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Pigeon Blood
Prim Lashes : [glow] studio – Innocent eyelashes (Intensive)
Manicure : Love Soul – Red
Pedicure : Love Soul – Dark Color (Red)


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