100916 – I’m back

Yup I’m back after a long hiatus from my SL life. The only thing I can say is, I’ve been too busy with my RL for this few months. I feel guilty to all lovely designer who send me a lot of stuff during my absent. I haven’t going through them yet. The first thing I did after I online is to change my clothes. My poor av has too wear the same clothes for 3 months *blush*. I haven’t do any shopping since I’m back this few days up until today. I know most people is so happy with Paper Couture new release, including me ūüôā Well I’m not showing them here for this post — just part of the item. Part as a piece of item from the whole outfit.

I think I lost...hmm

I just upgrade my sl viewer to the latest copy. Yup too many things happen in SL that I didn’t know such as Emerald viewer is no longer alive. I miss so many sales and fair. Shadow feature in latest SL viewer and few other things. The list is long. Anyway, back to me. I just tested the shadow feature in sl viewer. yay. I don’t need to do any photoshop for this lovely shadow.¬† Yup I don’t do any photo touch up for this picture.

Right now I’m wearing a mix-up from everything I have so far (not everything may be just 1 % or less than what I have so far. I feel gold/brown/black and a little bit of lace

I feel mix random

My stylesheet:

Skin :¬†Lara Skin¬†‚ÄstCandy (Pale ‚Äď Smokey2 Pink lips gloss)
Hair :¬†Clawtooth ‚ÄstLove MoMo¬†(Soil)
Eyes :¬†Umedama Holic¬†–¬†Seiryou Eyes (Seiran)¬†¬†¬†¬† — this for non-shadow picture
Prim Eyes :¬†Curio¬†–¬†Tragic Eyes (Ice Blue)¬†¬†¬†¬† — this for picture with shadow
Tattoo¬†Lashes :¬†Miamai¬†‚Äď Les Makeup (Lashes 11)

Top¬†:¬†fri.day ‚ÄstSpring Bloom Dress¬†(Bouquet)¬†¬†¬† — part of
Jacket :¬†Paper Couture¬†‚ÄstCrossroads Gown¬†¬† — part of
Skirt : So Many Style – Chiffon Plain (Beige)
Leggings : Fishy Strawberry РLace Cycling Pants (Black)
Boots :¬†Pixel Mode¬†‚ÄstViv Boots¬†(Coffee)

Earrings¬†:¬†YS & YS¬†‚ÄstLizard Set¬†¬† — part of
Necklace : Zaara РKarmuka Necklace
Gloves : Opium – Black Lace Gloves


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