I want to be a pirate

Yup I want to be a pirate just for today *grin* Well I won’t be anything like Jack Sparrow or Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of Carriebean but I’ll be fashionista pirate. Hmm my intention wasn’t nearing to be a pirate but after I have the boots and the eye patch, yup I kinda look like pirate. You won’t need to worry about sword, guns or perhaps bomb, I already put them away nicely in my inventory for today. May be I have one too many of assassin looks *wink*. Once again I use something new, something old and ….hmm well nothing blue.

The pirate who can't speak pirate. (Click to enlarge)

Today, I’m having fun on doing SL shadow in my photo. At first I want to do the picture on few location, but I at the end I want to use a simple white background like I’ve done in the past. Beside shadow, I try eyeshadow in tattoo layer. I just found something that match to my lipstick instead the normal smokey dark eyeshadow in this skin. So what do you think?


 I just realize, other people does not provide butt shot..err I mean pictures from their behind. It was rather front or side. As for me, I like to have those shot because I want to see how does the outfit look from behind. It does not matter whether it is necklace, shoes, tops or pants. Beside few months or years, when I read my archive post (yup sometime I do read the archive whenever I got the time or just to kill the time) I will look back and remember, those outfit has interesting strap or the hair has another attachment to…etc etc etc. My blog is my fashion diary/dictionary to my own inventory.

My style :

Skin : Dutch Touch – Isis (Cotton – Dark)
Hair : Boon – Tom245 (Chocolate)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Tsuya Eyes (Grayish Green
Prim Lashes : Mayden Couture – V1 (09)
Manicure : Pixel Mode – Sculpted Nail V2 Platinum Edition
Eyeshadow : Kosh – Shimmery & Smoke Eyeshadow (Berry)

Top : Pixeldoll – Lace Net Top (Black)
Pants : Aoharu – Simple Leggings (Black)
Bolero : G Field – Ruffle Bolero (Wine)
Boots : Kookie – Katy Boots (Brown leather)

Earrings : Je Suis – Perce Ear
Choker : Bliensen+Mai Tai – Lil’s Choker
Eyepatch: Rozoregalia – Rosenkavalier Eyepatch
Belt : Trident – Brigid


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