101017 – The green is in.

Today I want to challenge myself by wearing just one theme colour. Out of many colour I love to wear, — I wear a lot of black and red this few months — I choose green. Green represent or associate with so many things such as money (if you’re in USA of course),  nature or even a novice (lack of experience). Hmm…. for me, green is related to nature because I’m surrounded with trees eventhough I’m in SL.

Hang out at my crib

The interesting about this outfit, I bought the baby doll top around June or July but I haven’t worn it until today because I forgot about it totally until I was doing a bit of inventory mini-clean up *blush*. As for the pants, well I bought when it first release but I haven’t wear it. Err should I go to SL Annournomous Shopperholics? Hmm the only thing that recent in here is my shoes. I think I need to control my spending until I wear every outfit I bought since last June. The only thing permanent on me or the pictures;

  1. I’m using SL 2.0 Shadow
  2. I don’t do any photo touch up. I only resize and crop the pictures.
  3. I’m still using Umedama Holic eyes because they have lovely prim eyes beside system layer eyes.
The whole look (click to enlarge)

My style for today:

Skin : LAQ – Pearl (Fair – 09)
Makeup : KOSH – Glossy Lips (Pink)
Hair : fri.day – Marie (Jaded Blond)         (comes with flower attachment)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Tsuya Eyes (Grayish Green
Manicure : Pixel Mode – Sculpted Nails V2
Prim Lashes : [glow] Studio – Innocent Eyelashes (Pure)

Top : Atomic – Spring Fling (Mint)
Pants : Zaara – Nishar (Burnt Olive)
Shoes : Kalnins – Dante

Bangles : Zaara – Melange Bangles (Olive)


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