Answering a blog challenge

I saw this blog challenge from Luna Jubilee. It was interesting. Yup I’m one of the bloggers who have various pictures on the outfit I was wearing. I must have at least 3 pictures; full outfit, back or side and head/face. Sometimes my blog is just like my inventory catalog. I need to have at least pictures taken from 3 different angle and size or one big pictures with montage. I’m trying my best to have one picture per post…well minimum 2 pictures (To Luna if you’re reading this: Is it acceptable to have 2 pictures?) Well I don’t do much stuff review because some of the outfit I bought was like last month or even last year, as long it strikes my fancy to wear them. So I’m consider more on the style rather than review on what the latest of the market; unless it is given by designers to have them blog exclusively there and then.

A walk among the flowers (click to enlarge)

Another challenge is not to have the date in front of my blog title. Well finally I found out what causing my post to appear so late in few of blog feeds. Thank you Chris from SLU for pointing this out 🙂 *hugs* So from this moment on, you won’t see any serial date number as my blog title. Next I will put SLurl in my blog. It’s going to be a long process because there is a lot to cover from what I have in here but I’ll do it as a static page and not on the post itself unless things related to Fair.

To be frank, I was wearing this dress when I went to ModelX final show. It was the lovely and indeed it was the sweetest goodbye they deserve. *hugs to Linnda* Then the next day, I went to short vacation over the weekend with my family. So to cut story short, I haven’t blog yet either about the show or the style. *blush*. As for skin, I still love LAQ-Mima. This going to be my default skin at the moment. 😉 I told you I have a lot of stuff I haven’t worn yet and I’m not kidding. I bought the dress, hair and bangles months ago out of spunk and almost forgot about them. *blush*.  Well now is the right time to wear them. 😉

What I wear…

Skin : LAQ – Mima (Milky – 01)
Hair : 69 – Me (Light Mauve)
Eyes : Curio – Tragic Eyes (Ice Blue
Manicure : Candy Nail– Silver Pink
Prim Lashes : [glow] Studio– Innocent Eyelashes (Pure)

Dress : Tiny Bird – Painted Flower Dress (Baby Blue)
Shoes : G Field– Ribbon Slingback Shoes (Sky Blue)

Necklace : Miel – Yor Necklace
Bangles : Sigma – Boho Bangles (Blue Brass)
Earrings : [glow] Studio – Pearl Drop Earrings (White)

Pose : Striking Pose
Location : Emerald Green


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